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What a great help

I have trouble, often, falling back to sleep in the middle of the night. Finding this podcast has been a game changer. Erik’s voice and choice of material is perfect to drift off. Works every time!

Love your work, Erik

I’ve “listened” to episode #2 four times and I still don’t know how Odin lost his eye. Thanks Erik for making this podcast. It really works. P.S. I also enjoy listening to your intros because you seem like a lovely human. Even you ads feel genuine.

Amazing for Anxiety!

I have PTSD and sleeping at night is a huge task for me. I often have panic attacks and difficulty calming down. While most people look forward to going to bed, I never do—it’s a source of tension in my life. One day I decided to check out a sleep story and see if that might help. That’s how I discovered Erik’s podcast. The stories were interesting and entertaining, allowing me to distract my mind, while being soothing and gentle enough to let me wander off into sleep. I’ve checked out other sleep storytellers, but I always go back to Erik for his unique voice and lovely disposition. It’s so charming to hear updates about the cabin and the beautiful landscape, and even better to hear the lovely nature sounds. A little escape every night. Now I look forward to going to bed, enjoying new stories and old favorite ones. Thank you Erik! ❤️❤️❤️


Love the heart that goes into his work his voice is calm and soothing and goes by at a comfortable pace love the stories themselves as well. You should definitely give it a try!


I will frequently have issues with day sleeping if I pick up night shifts. My brain wonders what's going on outside my 4 walls, what are my people up to. But I pop in my ear buds and focus on a good story in a soothing voice, then I can relax and get some rest. Thanks, Erik

Thank you for making this podcast!

Ever since I found the podcast I’ve been listening to it every night, Eriks voice is so calming and I love the breathing exercises he does before the actual story. I recommend this to anyone who has a hard time sleeping like me, it really helps relax and calm you before you sleep. Thank You

Wonderful podcast.

So soothing. Thank you!

Voice of an angel

Eric has the perfect voice to fall asleep too, we're currently listening to a fairy tale, his choice in reading material is fantastic, thanks for everything Eric, loved seeing all the pictures from around the cabin, sure is beautiful out there

Deeep ZZZZZ's

Even when I think I'm not going to fall asleep, it always works. Erik's voice and demeanor are awesomely relaxing and help clear my mind of all the day's distractions.

Sweet dreams

What a soothing voice!! Thank you for the stories!

What I’ve Been Searching For!

I’m in a very distressed chapter of my life and trying to sleep can be daunting. I have been searching for the voice and the content that really lets my mind let go and rest. When I found Listen To Sleep, I instantly knew I’d found what I’d been searching for! I love the stories and I love the sound of Erik’s voice! I can feel all the love he puts into it as well. I’m SO grateful to have found you!!!

Nothing to do, nowhere to be.

I was having a hard time going to sleep because of the many thoughts floating around in my brain. If you're like me listening to stories will helps you focus on something else and fall asleep within 10 minutes of listening to Erik's voice. He has the best raspy voice ever. I love everything from the ads to the breath work to the stories. This podcast will guaranteed become part of your daily night routine. Sleep tight and happy pride month!

Best app to drift off to sleep

My husband and I have used ambient noise apps and sleep apps for ages. A few weeks ago we found this one and it is PERFECT! We've tried a few others but only get a few minutes in before we come back to Eric and his amazing, soothing voice. It's a mix of fatherly storytelling and ASMR. Every night my husband says goodnight to Eric when I turn on the app lol. It really has become a vital part of our nightly ritual.

Beautiful gentleman

Absolutely love Erik's podcasts, a very warm and calming voice, almost as if you are getting a hug through his words. Even through his podcasts you can tell he's a kind, caring individual. Really recommended his podcasts and excited to hear more!

The most soothing voice and the best stories

I have listened to a LOT of Sleep Podcasts. And this is by far my favourite. The stories are fun, interesting, mystical, captivating, while his voice just LULLs you to sleep. Really it is the perfect combination. Thank you so much


I cannot sleep without this podcast! Eric’s voice is so soothing and his reading of stories instantly transports you away from your thoughts, guiding you into a peaceful sleep.

Best sleep ever!

This is hands down my favorite bedtime podcast. Erik has such a nice voice and I bet the stories are absolutely great. But I tend to fall asleep after about 10 minutes and never get to hear the end. 🤣 But that works out great because it means every episode is still a new episode for me!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping me fall asleep Erik! Your stories are perfect at holding my attention just enough to distract me from my normal racing thoughts so that my brain can switch off and fall asleep. I've been listening to podcasts for a long time now but yours is the first that I've actually gone ahead and subscribed and reviewed. Keep up the great work!

The best way to shut down at night

I've been listening for a few months now and these stories put me to sleep better than any others. I have been using sleep stories for over a year now, but I like Listen To Sleep the most because of the consistent story teller. His voice is so calming and kind and it triggers my brain that it's time to shut off and go to sleep. I listen pretty much every night and it has been so helpful for me as an anxious and over-thinking person. Thank you!

Calming, peaceful, and under-rated

Erik deserves more recognition for his work. His podcast has been an integral part of my nighttime routine and has allowed me to gain peace of mind and calmness as I wind down. Of course, his voice might be the best part of it all, but the way he counts stories is spot on. There's a wide variety to choose from, too. Incredibly helpful to fall asleep and would recommend everyone to (at least) give it a try!

Excellent sleep st

I've tried a few podcast before listening to Erik's. This one is the best by far. Erik's voice is so relaxing and calming...I'm hooked. Thank you


I love it! You have an excellent reading voice, and the experience is enhanced by updates on cabin life ❤ I'm a psychotherapist and I recommend this go my clients who have trouble sleeping.

Best sleep ever!

After just recently, within the past couple months, discovering Listen to Sleep, I’m loving each and every story as I shut my eyes and begin to turn off for the day. Your voice is amazing ... I tell everyone about you and Listen to Sleep. Thank you, Lynda Z

Sleep much better

Erik, listening ever single night and I am sleeping better and better also love your voice.

Thank you

I almost have never heard a podcast all the way through because I fall asleep before they are over! So great and so visual and relaxing!

Thank you

I love falling to sleep while listening. It sure helps this insomniac.

It really helps!

I enjoy this podcast so much. I found out about sleep stories a few years back through the Calm app, but found it too expensive to keep up with. So at the start of the year when I needed help sleeping, I decided to search Spotify for sleep stories. I tried a few, but Listen to Sleep is by far my favourite. Erik's voice is like a warm, comforting hug. I like to listen for about an hour every night, and I find I am very relaxed afterward. I cannot recommend it enough.

Guaranteed Sleep

I’m usually a very good sleeper but a recent turn of events has left me feeling anxious and in these stressful COVID times I know how important it is to sleep well for my mental health. These stories and Eric’s voice works every time. I wish I could stay awake to listen to the stories but I just can’t!

Never slept better

Thank you wizard Erik - thanks to you I’m sleeping like a baby now :)

So happy to have found Listen To Sleep

I have tried all the things I can to help me sleep and stay asleep! I was directed by a friend to try sleep stories, I tried a few other ones but finally landed on Listen to Sleep and I am hooked! Thank you for the great content week after week!