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Best bedtime story podcast

Hands down the best bedtime story podcast out there. So much good content in the back log and new stories coming out constantly! Eric’s voice is perfect for relaxing. I can never get to the end of a story because it works like a charm to put me to sleep!

10/10 Nothing but LOVE!

This podcast is hands down THE BEST bedtime podcast around. I struggled sleeping almost every single night, I listened to many different podcasts but nothing compares with Listen to Sleep♥️. . Thank you so much Eric for putting the time and effort into making these podcasts. Even my family members know how much I love it! I refer to Eric as 'Kind Sir'😄، so every night before falling asleep my husband asks if I'm listening to my 'Kind Sir' podcast and of course the answer is always YES! . I wanted to become a member of parteon and Listen to Sleep Plus to support the podcast but unfortunately that’s not possible for me because I live in Iran and it’s not possible for us to pay online for foreign stuff (sad) but I hope one day I can!

Gentle and Calming!

Unlike similar podcast, Eric is also a great voice actor so it really makes his story so much more interestimg and more like those bedtime stories that our parents used to read to us when we were little.

Best sleep podcast I’ve found!

I absolutely love this podcast!! Since I’ve moved back onto campus it’s helped me so much to just relax at night amidst the chaos of school and daily stresses. Erik’s voice is so soothing, and he picks such a great variety of stories. He really puts a lot of thought into these podcasts, and it’s evident in his reading. You can even request stories which is so sweet as well. Highly, highly recommend!

My favourite way to end the day, everyday.

I love the wide range of different stories and always find the updates around your cabin really peaceful and it sets a great tone for the mind to just drift away using the imagination. Thank you for your work.

Night night

Erik’s soothing voice relaxes me into sleep so quickly. I’ve never heard the ending of any story the first time as I’m fast asleep. Thank you, Erik!

Thank you

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and find it very difficult to sleep sometimes. The quiet makes my mind go a million miles a minute. I’ve tried everything from sound machines to hypnosis. I’ve been sleeping with the TV on for years…much to my husband’s dismay. Your podcast has changed my life. Sounds dramatic, but your voice and choice of stories, somehow calms my brain and helps lull me into a calm and relaxed state. My partner finally gets to sleep in a dark and quiet room. Problem is…he wants to hear your stories to fall asleep now too. 😆 I finally understand the power of a bedtime story or lullaby. Keep em coming! You’re killing it.

My Go-To App for falling asleep

The last thing I do every night is turn on “Listen to Sleep”, even after listening to some of my other podcasts or reading a book. Erik has such a soothing voice and he tells the best stories! It’s just what I like falling asleep to. I usually have to listen to each story more than once because I never hear the end of the story before falling asleep. I also enjoy when he drops in a few updates on what’s going on with his and Joe’s life in the mountains.

Only thing that helps me sleep.

I’ve tried many podcasts, every playlist on Spotify, different background noise, but for some reason the soothing deep voice and the way these stories are told is mezmerising. I’m usually asleep before the story ends, but I love getting to the end and hearing “goodnight” whispered. 👌🏼

A big Thank You from New Zealand

I so enjoy your podcast, I set the timer so it will stop at the end of an episode but only get through maybe the first 10mins because it takes me a few nights to actually finish a story :) I found that other story tellers have the back ground music too loud or have it all the way through a story and is way to distracting for me to relax and drift off. Love your stories and your soothing voice Erik. Many thanks for helping me have a good nights sleep and if I do wake up during the night I just start playing your story again and have no trouble getting back to sleep...thanks to you! Take care

Love Erik’s voice

I don’t always fall asleep, but listening to a story is way better than half the thoughts running through my mind!

So comforting

I love the little personal glimpses we get at the beginning of the pod casts- makes it seem like and old friend is reading to you. Love the stories and your soothing voice, lulling me to sleep. Finally, I can sleep like a baby!

100% success rate

Erik’s podcast does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve been really struggling to switch off at night and since I’ve discovered Erik’s podcast I actually look forward to bedtime. His voice is magical and the intros have painted such a vivid picture of his cabin and life that I feel like he’s an old friend. I cannot recommend trying these wonderful stories enough. I can now guarantee I’ll fall asleep within 30 mins every night. I’m in debited to Erik for this most precious gift.

Ahhh … this is the one!

I’ve listened to a lot of sleep story-type podcasts, and some helped a bit but most didn’t really. I can’t be just bored to sleep! If it’s boring, my going-at-the-speed-of-light brain keeps yammering. Because it’s not engaged with something else. But this one combines Erik’s amazingly soothing, clear voice with stories you want to listen to. And, then, because I’m tired, I still fall asleep vs. thinking myself into wide awake status again. Even Erik’s intro about life at the cabin in northern California, his invitation that this is your time to do this and nothing else (because yes I’ll still think about what I *need* to do or *should* do), etc. help me relax and feel rested/ready to sleep. This continues to evolve over time and just gets better and better. Fan for life!

Great podcast!!!

I listen to the podcast when I go to bed. I'm always having trouble falling asleep. And this podcast helps me very well. I didn't finish the stories yet. Half way I fall asleep to the soothing voice of this podcast.

The best podcast to help sleep I’ve

This podcast is so relaxing and its rare to find a voice as good as Erik’s. It’s extremely comforting and does help with managing those anxious thoughts that often come at night and make getting off to sleep harder. I love hearing the updates from the cabin at the beginning before the story too. Would highly recommend!

Love this podcast!

I’ve listen to a few different podcasts and this is by far my favorite for falling asleep. The narrator and creator of this podcast is very genuine individual who pool stories from his own imagination and his life and tells them with authenticity that one can feel. Despite being interested in the story, his voice is so relaxing that I always find myself falling asleep which is the point but one of these days maybe I’ll actually hear the end of the story. 😃. highly recommend!

Sheer Bliss

I have listened to all 126 podcasts on Spotify and love your content. Definitely the best podcast channel on Spotify in 2020/2021. ❤ Warm wishes and appreciation from Scotland

Thanks for the Zzzzzzzs

Erik, My 7 year old and I love your show. You have a fantastic voice, and a generous spirit! We need to get over to Patreon so we can continue to enjoy your readings. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you!!!

Your podcasts are exactly what I love to listen to!!


Absolutely loved it. A gifted voice, cadence and meaningful words.Soothing,human.

My go to for sleep!

Erik does such an amazing job, his voice is so soothing and he does such a great job with keeping his voice mellow and still giving feeling and emotions to the stories he tells. It’s never dry which is something I have noticed and not liked with other mature bedtime story shows. He also does a good amount of family friendly / all ages stories so I am able to play a good amount for everyone to listen to as a family. I love this podcast and would recommend it to anyone who needs help getting rest.

I listen every night.

Thank you for all that you do.

Peaceful podcast

Your stories ease my anxiety and help me fall asleep peacefully, if I wake up unexpectedly and your podcast is still playing, it doesn’t startle me, also the stories and dreams are so unique, much love from Melbourne Australia, Jess

Nothing to do, Nowhere to go, It’s quiet time, Your Time

This is now my mantra when I want to relax. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months now and am so grateful to you for giving me a way to fall asleep peacefully. Before I found this, I would toss and turn and think about everything and anything but now I can go to bed knowing that once I turn your stories on, I’ll fall sleep within a few minutes. Thank you so much!

Best stories, best favorite and I've tried a lot.

I always look forward to Erik's stories and even listen to them several times until there is a new one! His voice is calm and relaxing plus the volume stays the same. I enjoy the longer stories because it takes me a while to fall asleep. That being said - I have drifted off before the end a few times but I can listen to it again the next night. I have listened to every one of his podcasts. Thank you!

Smile to sleep

I think it really amazing and found what I was looking for!!

Love his voice

I’m pushing 80, so you know I have listened to a lot of podcasts. I set the timer for 30 minutes, get comfy and listen to many stories my parents would read me when I was a child. Erik’s voice is so calming that more times than not I am off in dreamland. This really is the best one around, at least for me!


I’m 14 in marching band and currently have a lot of anxiety from becoming a freshman and Erik helps me sleep he’s so awesome keep up the good work 😊

Only thing that helps!

I’ve tried multiple sleep podcasts and listen to sleep is the only one that’s ever literally helped me fall asleep! His voice is so soothing and rich, literally could listen to him tell stories all day and night because of the calm of his voice.