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Nothing to do, nowhere to be.

I was having a hard time going to sleep because of the many thoughts floating around in my brain. If you're like me listening to stories will helps you focus on something else and fall asleep within 10 minutes of listening to Erik's voice. He has the best raspy voice ever. I love everything from th…

Best app to drift off to sleep

My husband and I have used ambient noise apps and sleep apps for ages. A few weeks ago we found this one and it is PERFECT! We've tried a few others but only get a few minutes in before we come back to Eric and his amazing, soothing voice. It's a mix of fatherly storytelling and ASMR. Every night m…

Beautiful gentleman

Absolutely love Erik's podcasts, a very warm and calming voice, almost as if you are getting a hug through his words. Even through his podcasts you can tell he's a kind, caring individual. Really recommended his podcasts and excited to hear more!

The most soothing voice and the best stories

I have listened to a LOT of Sleep Podcasts. And this is by far my favourite. The stories are fun, interesting, mystical, captivating, while his voice just LULLs you to sleep. Really it is the perfect combination. Thank you so much


I cannot sleep without this podcast! Eric’s voice is so soothing and his reading of stories instantly transports you away from your thoughts, guiding you into a peaceful sleep.

Best sleep ever!

This is hands down my favorite bedtime podcast. Erik has such a nice voice and I bet the stories are absolutely great. But I tend to fall asleep after about 10 minutes and never get to hear the end. 🤣 But that works out great because it means every episode is still a new episode for me!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping me fall asleep Erik! Your stories are perfect at holding my attention just enough to distract me from my normal racing thoughts so that my brain can switch off and fall asleep. I've been listening to podcasts for a long time now but yours is the first that I've actuall…

The best way to shut down at night

I've been listening for a few months now and these stories put me to sleep better than any others. I have been using sleep stories for over a year now, but I like Listen To Sleep the most because of the consistent story teller. His voice is so calming and kind and it triggers my brain that it's tim…

Calming, peaceful, and under-rated

Erik deserves more recognition for his work. His podcast has been an integral part of my nighttime routine and has allowed me to gain peace of mind and calmness as I wind down. Of course, his voice might be the best part of it all, but the way he counts stories is spot on. There's a wide variety to…

Excellent sleep st

I've tried a few podcast before listening to Erik's. This one is the best by far. Erik's voice is so relaxing and calming...I'm hooked. Thank you


I love it! You have an excellent reading voice, and the experience is enhanced by updates on cabin life ❤ I'm a psychotherapist and I recommend this go my clients who have trouble sleeping.

Best sleep ever!

After just recently, within the past couple months, discovering Listen to Sleep, I’m loving each and every story as I shut my eyes and begin to turn off for the day. Your voice is amazing ... I tell everyone about you and Listen to Sleep. Thank you, Lynda Z

Sleep much better

Erik, listening ever single night and I am sleeping better and better also love your voice.

Thank you

I almost have never heard a podcast all the way through because I fall asleep before they are over! So great and so visual and relaxing!

Thank you

I love falling to sleep while listening. It sure helps this insomniac.

It really helps!

I enjoy this podcast so much. I found out about sleep stories a few years back through the Calm app, but found it too expensive to keep up with. So at the start of the year when I needed help sleeping, I decided to search Spotify for sleep stories. I tried a few, but Listen to Sleep is by far my…

Guaranteed Sleep

I’m usually a very good sleeper but a recent turn of events has left me feeling anxious and in these stressful COVID times I know how important it is to sleep well for my mental health. These stories and Eric’s voice works every time. I wish I could stay awake to listen to the stories but I just …

Never slept better

Thank you wizard Erik - thanks to you I’m sleeping like a baby now :)

So happy to have found Listen To Sleep

I have tried all the things I can to help me sleep and stay asleep! I was directed by a friend to try sleep stories, I tried a few other ones but finally landed on Listen to Sleep and I am hooked! Thank you for the great content week after week!

Excellent Podcast

Recently started listening to this podcast. The stories are quite good and Erik is the perfect storyteller. I became a Patreon supporter and feel good about supporting the podcast. If you have trouble getting to sleep, give Listen to Sleep a try.

Helps at times

I struggle a bunch and when I feel better and just need something to listen to and that helps me relax I use this podcast. His voice is really calming and seems to actually care. Which I feel is rare. Anyways sending love and positive energy to whoever is reading this, hope you find what your looki…

Sleeping better

I've been listening for a couple weeks now. Your Podcast was recommended on my Spotify. I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear old classics and fairy tales but it doesn't matter what you read because your voice lulls me to sleep. "Sink down into your mattress" I love those words & I sleep better. Than…

My favorite sleep podcast

I’ve always had trouble sleeping due to an active mind at night. I’ve tried a few apps and podcasts with no luck, until I found this one. Erik’s voice is so soothing that I fall asleep so quick every night. I don’t think I’ve finished a story yet. I listen to it nightly and it’s improved my sleep. …

My favourite podcast

Thank you for your podcasts- I love them. I don’t think I’ve stayed awake to hear a whole one yet. Your voice soothes and calms me and gives me peaceful dreams! It’s a slice of escapism for me in Manchester Uk.

So soothing..

Thank you for helping me sleep. I enjoy listening to your soothing voice and it calms me down at night so that I can get some shut eye.. You are the only sleep podcast that I listen to. Also, I appreciate you bringing us into your surroundings! Thank you.

Thank you

I love this podcast. Your voice is sooo calming to me. I really can't sleep without it anymore. Thank you

I listen most every night

Erik has that kind of voice that puts you in neverland and the stories are mildly interesting. I rarely hear the ending!

Best stories

Wonderful stories. I listen every night. Lovely voice.😊

When In Search of Relaxation

I stumbled upon this podcast when searching for something to use to help me sleep. I've listed to the music themed; the nature themed and even others that read you stories to help relax you and lull you into slumber. To be honest, Erik has such a sleep engaging voice. That I never really get to …

From Panic Attacks to Sweet Dreams

My life was significantly improved when I found Listen to Sleep 2 months ago. I used to have terrible nightmares and would wake up for several hours in the night. However since listening to this app I can calm myself so quickly and fall asleep feeling safe and at ease. I am so grateful for this pod…

Love the stories

Eric's Soothing and calming voice makes it so easy to sink into relaxation and fall asleep. I love his stories but rarely hear the end of them before I'm fast asleep.

Such a great podcast

I have always struggled with sleeping, I need some sort of background noise or my mind will just race for hours. I stumbled upon this podcast and it has been the best thing ever! It relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. I would definitely recommend!

Soothing voice

Just the right story teller to help me relax and go to dream land.

Thank you!

My husband and I listen to this podcast every night. It really helps calm us before bed. Thank you Eric!

What I’ve Been Searching For!

I’m in a very distressed chapter of my life and trying to sleep can be daunting. I have been searching for the voice and the content that really lets my mind let go and rest. When I found Listen To Sleep, I instantly knew I’d found what I’d been searching for! I love the stories and I love the s…

Erik is like family to me

When I was little, my dad used to read me bedtime stories, or the famous stories about myself called "pretty little girl" lol. Erik's voice is so soothing and so sweet, just hearing him talk you know hes a kind, loving person who would hug you if you asked for one, and it would be an amazing hug. I…

Absolutely love this podcast

I’ve listened to a few sleep podcasts trying to find one that suits me and I just happened to find Listen To Sleep and haven’t looked back! It’s so soothing and calming, Erik’s voice is music to my ears and I fall asleep so quickly. I really appreciate the types of stories that are read out as we…


I have bad OCD, I kinda spent all night worrying or focusing on something unimportant and couldn't sleep, I listened to sleep sounds and tried everything, nothing worked, so this podcast is awesome, I always get to sleep in minutes and I love it

Great Sleep Listening

This podcast has gray content with a soothing voice to help you drift off to bed with out even realizing it. Highly recommend!

Best Sleepy Podcast Ever!!

I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago. His voice instantly soothed me & helped me relax. I’m usually asleep about 15minutes into him reading.

Very soothing

I am very picky when it comes to narrators but Erik's voice is perfect for sleep stories. Very calming yet still very interesting.

Helps me sleep

It helps me quiet my mind so I can fall asleep better after listening to the podcast

My new favorite bedtime podcast!

erik has an incredible voice that is so soothing to listen to and his story telling is very relaxing. he genuinely cares about his listeners and it truly shows in his episodes. thank you, erik for all of your hard work!

Highly Recommend

I have tried several different podcasts to help me fall asleep and this one takes the cake! Erik does such a good job at reading the stories and his soothing voice allows me to gently drift off to sleep in no time. I recommend this podcast to all my friends and family.

Love ist!

No more night without my beloved sleep stories - thank you so much Erik!

Unbelievably good

Thank you so much for the lovely stories - I can finally fall asleep again! Best sleeping podcast out there - by far!

I love this podcast!!!

This is one of the best sleep podcasts. Eric has a soothing voice that will put you right to sleep! As well Eric cares about his listeners he personally thanks anyone who joins his premium content. As well Eric is doing this to help support his retirement which is the sweetest thing. Eric chooses a…

My dream come true

Erik has the perfect voice for telling stories to help you sleep. I've been listening to him for several months now and can't recommend his podcast highly enough. It's been a complete game changer for me. Thanks Erik!


I discovered this podcast while looking for bedtime stories for adults and I’ve not looked back!! Such great and unusual stories and the most relaxing voice I’ve ever come across. I can’t recommend this enough


Helps me sleep every night 🤎

New but Hooked

I just found this last week, but I'm already loving it so much! I've used it the last several nights and slept super well! Not only is it relaxing, but Eric is a very engaging reader. This has been a wonderful find!


As in the title, perfect.

The Perfect Way to Fall Asleep

I listen to this podcast when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Most of the time, I just start listening and at some point fall asleep with the stories just continuing to play on shuffle. If I wake up again, Eric's warm voice is there to sooth me back to sleep. Sever…

The best way to fall asleep

Thank you so much Erik - your wonderful calming voice and your great stories finally brought back a good night’s sleep. I wonder if I’ll ever make it to the end of even one of the stories. Please keep the stories coming :)

Voice like Butter

I’m suffering from pregnancy insomnia and I’m actually enjoying the time awake by listening to Erik’s stories. I really look forward to listening. He has such a relaxing voice and seems like a really nice guy too :)

Helped my sleeping issues

I had been looking for a bedtime stories podcast, or anything really, for ages. Then I found Erik his podcast and it was the most soothing thing. Not only are the stories just entertaining enough, his voice is very soothing as well. I have had some trouble getting to sleep since the corona crisis h…

perfectly distracting and comforting, works every night

I rely on sleep podcasts to help me fall asleep every night, and this is definitely my favorite one. As a combination of ADD and an anxiety disorder make it their job to try to keep me awake most nights, the engaging and soothing way Erik reads these stories is incredibly effective in keeping my r…

My Dream Podcast

My favorite way to fall asleep is to have someone read me a bedtime story. Usually I enlist my husband for this task but he often taps out before I’m totally asleep. I have tried a few other podcasts/ story telling channels but Erik’s Listen To Sleep has literally changed my life. In the beginning …

The best ever.

I love this podcast! When I need to wind down and put busy brain to rest, this is the best way to go. Soothing voice, a few deep breaths and a pleasant story send me off to a deep and peaceful sleep! Highly recommend!

Listen to sleep

Clear, sleep podcast I have found

Worked like a charm, was fast asleep in 10 minutes

My go to for when I have insomnia. I keep thinking I'll get to the end of the story but I'm always asleep by then. That said? Looking forward to more episodes I will hopefully finish in chunks separated by delicious bouts of sleep. (Addendum: It’s been several months now and I look forward to every…

Love this sleep podcast

I have a subscription to Calm but recently found this one and really love the selection of stories as well as Eriks voice. Very Relaxing. I am back to falling asleep within the first 5 min!

The most soothing voice on the internet

Came across Erik’s podcast a few months ago when I was struggling to sleep due to stress, since then I haven’t been able to sleep with out him! His voice the most perfect balance between smooth and soulful. Thank you so much.

PTSD insomniac this saved me

I have severe PTSD one of my triggers is peoples voices because I was abused and traumatized by many people. So when I hear certain voices I go into a panic attack. I have certain parts of my mind that are still child like so stories help that have to be fairytale like. I tried so many sleep story …

Absolutely Amazing.

My therapist told me to listen to sleep podcasts as i fall asleep to help with my insomnia. And i had listened to a few but none of them were quite like this one!! Eriks voice is so calming and i love when he talks about his cabin, or adds calming sounds that he records himself! i can just tell by …

The best sleep podcast I've found

I've had a bad sleep schedule for years and early morning shifts, which means I was barely sleeping. I can never seem to turn off my brain. I discovered sleep podcasts a few months back, and Listen to Sleep is the best one! Erik seems like a really nice guy and he has a very relaxing tone which is …

Soothing and Wonderful

I just found this podcast a few nights ago and I’m in love. I have PTSD and that comes with long, restless nights that are usually filled with night terrors. But, the past two nights I’ve found this podcast to soothe me. The stories are great and you can feel the wholesomeness and love as Erik’s wo…

very soothing and relaxing

I have found that falling asleep to a calm story is so soothing. Erik's voice creates peace and he doesn't have any loud ads or music like some other sleep podcasts. Love it!

YOU Must Try!

I have a Calm subscription, because I can't fall asleep without a story. I have also tried basically every sleep podcast there is out there. This is by far my favorite and it is free! Erik has the most soothing voice and I love the content he chooses. He also sounds like a really great person and I…

Amazing way to quiet a busy mind

Love listening to the variety of stories. Eriks voice is soft and comforting and helps to quiet a busy mind. Thank you

The voice thats my help!

Your voice helps me shut my brain off and transcend to the other side at night You are amazing !

Like the voice of your favorite teacher reading to you

The content is a refreshing antidote to the news of the world. He brings you a little bit of his life and nature and then lulls you to sleep.

Erik's consistently flawless delivery keeps me coming back night after night.

I am newly addicted to Erik's (my now favourite) podcast, having only discovered "Listen to Sleep" a month or so ago. I was immediately drawn in by his beautifully soothing voice. The calm, smooth pace and timing of his delivery are flawless. He manages to vividly portray the emotions of the chara…

My guaranteed sleep:)

I found Listen To Sleep through the Stitcher App . I had been using white noise and that just became monotonous. Erik’s voice and the sweet stories calm my mind and I am out as if I’d taken an ambien. No medicine and a beautiful way to go to sleep . This year he has given me calm good nights. Give …

A Great Show!

The Listen to Sleep Podcast is a great podcast to help you sleep! The host tells stories as well as helps with meditation! The sound effects are great! I definitely recommend taking a listen!

Great podcast to relax you for sleep

Eric has a great voice and is enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended

Very relaxing!

My new favorite sleepy time podcast! Thank you! This truly does help me get to sleep—I’m guilty of “mind jogging” at night and have a hard time shutting down. This has really helped me!

Best sleep stories

Great voice and perfect sleepy stories. Thank you !

I love it

His voice is sooo calming and I would have never thought that listening to this would make me fall asleep but IT DOES! Love the stories but I have no idea what they are about because I fall asleep too fast, but I guess that’s a good thing :) thank you ! Good night !

I actually look forward to this part of my day

Like everyone, my days are long; sometimes too long. I used to go to bed in hopes of falling straight to sleep. Sometimes I would, sometimes not so quickly. I found this podcast, and thought, lets give it a try. I considered it might actually keep me awake, listening to a story and being attent…

Love this podcast!

What a voice, it’s so soothing. One of the only things that make sleep come more easily. Thanks, Erik

One of my favourites

I’m not just supporting this as I know Erik personally, I genuinely use the podcast to send myself off to sleep. His voice has such an amazing depth and texture and the stories chosen are unique and mysterious. Perfect for sending you off into the dream state. Goblin market is still my favourite af…

Ten words in, and I’m SOLD

What a soothing voice! Wow.

Beautifully comforting

A voice as warm as a buttered crumpet, lovely stories, great sound and a “good night” at the end of the episode that would echo any memories of a father or grandfather putting me to sleep.. delicious!


This podcast is a godsend. My mind races and I have trouble going to sleep, but these old stories and Erik’s smooth talking sends me straight to snoozeville. One of these days I need to listen to some of these while sitting at my desk so I can *maybe* finish a story.

Gentle, soothing way to de-accelerate.

This is great! I’m used to stirring myself up with bedtime internet surfing on my phone. This is a much healthier, more wholesome way to nod off into dreamland. Wouldn’t mind hearing some historical biographies — true-life tales of folk heroes, or stories in that vein.

This is Amazing!

I love this podcast. The stories are interesting, and his voice is so soothing it puts me to sleep every time, and usually it takes me forever to fall asleep! I even get to listen to the same episode a few nights in a row, because I can’t even make it to the end! If you have trouble sleeping, you s…

Worked like a charm, was fast asleep in 10 minutes

My go to for when I have insomnia. I keep thinking I'll get to the end of the story but I'm always asleep by then. That said? Looking forward to more episodes I will hopefully finish in chunks separated by delcious bouts of sleep.