Thanks for all the love.

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Thank you!

Unbelievable!! Thank you sir!

Worth a try

I’ve tried many sleep podcasts over the years due to insomnia. I still subscribe to several but find myself listening to Erik’s almost nightly. I don’t think I’ve stayed awake through any of the Around the world in 80 days readings.

Best podcast for sleep/meditation

Eric’s voice is so soothing. The stories he tells are amazing and the ones he writes are just as great! Ty for bringing sleep and meditation back into my life Eric!


Always knows how to set the perfect tone. Soothing voice, and a great spiritual guide.

Great Podcast for Sleep

This is one of my favorite podcasts bc the host is a great narrator with good content. Thank you!

Soothing and gentle!

I appreciate the simplicity that comes with the guided meditations. I like to follow with an unguided meditation. If it’s not “nothing much happens”, I’m putting this on to fall asleep to!

Glad I found this podcast!

I’ve searched around and listened to a lot of sleep podcasts but mainly listen to yours. They seem to suit me as I love the outdoors too. Also love that you include Bodi and the cats! Oh I also found you on Instagram…and I made the pizza recipe!! I have to eat low carb so this was a great crust!! Thank you for all the effort you put into every you do!!! It’s appreciated!!

What a beautiful person!!

Oh my gosh, I can’t even express how helpful LTS is for my life!! I’ve developed some severe anxiety over the last year, and it’s been hard to manage since I’ve never dealt with it before. Medications just make me feel zombified, and I have a hard time finding ways to calm myself down when I feel an attack coming on. I’ve been listening to the sleep stories to help me get to bed, but today I listened to one of the meditation episodes when I felt an anxiety attack coming on. IT WORKED WONDERS!!! By the end of the session, the tightness in my chest had almost completely released, and I was able to continue my work day! Listening to Erik is like listening to an old friend who’s helping me center myself. I joined his patreon today because I will GLADLY pay to keep this podcast going!!! Thank you so much Erik 💜 please keep doing what you’re doing!! Also - I love the original stories! Hearing about life on the mountain makes me so happy!!! 🥹

I love Erik & his soothing voice

Thank you so much for helping me relax & sleep! Xoxo

A little bit of home.

Delighted to find this podcast. Not only did I grow up in Rhode Island, and live now in Northern California, but I love Viking culture. All of these elements were in the first episode I sampled, 256. I have no idea how the episode ended because I fell asleep. Mission accomplished.

So soothing

Recently found Listen to Sleep and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It’s the perfect listen when you wake up in the middle of the night and need a little something to keep your mind calm and to get back to sleep.

My fav podcast

Any time I’m having trouble sleeping Erik’s soothing voice helps me fall asleep. I love hearing stories about the cabin as well as the stories he reads.


In the past the only way I could sleep is if I was heavily intoxicated but ever since I’ve started listening to listen to sleep it’s become easier to fall asleep

It slays


Quality podcast

My happy place!

No matter the stress, swimming in my head. Your voice always tucks me into bed. Thank you ❤️😊

Bend, Oregon

Hi Eric, I love your podcast and gentle voice and that you share your feelings and experiences on the mountain with your dog friend, your stories and mediations help me relax and sleep and I’m grateful to have found you. Thank you kindly, Frances


Love this podcast. One of the best sleep podcast out there.

Fantastic podcast highly recommend

Great. Eric's voice is just the right balance, and the stories are well selected. The podcast has helped me and my daughter through a difficult time when sleep was tricky. I recommend to everyone!

Love the stories

Erik’s soothing voice readythese stories will put you to sleep every time. It’s a great way to shut off your mind and relax. I highly recommend this to help you fall asleep.

Sad and instructive.

It broke my heart. And now we know why, across the globe, brown people of all shades, fare quite a bit less well than white people. Thank you for sharing a story from Zimbabwe. 💜

What a soothing way to end the day

I have been listening to podcasts at bedtime to help me sleep since 2007 and am so grateful that we finally have a wonderful complement of shows that are designed specifically for that. (I had found shows that had a single narrator, regardless of topic, just to have the same voice lull me to sleep.) Over the last two years, I have tried at least ten different podcasts and have narrowed my financial support to the very best. Erik made the cut, with his soothing voice, genuine love of providing this wonderful service to his listeners, and his openness is sharing his life on the mountain. My only side comment is that I would love if Erik would split his show into two - one just for the sleep time stores and the other for the meditations. I feel they serve two distinct purposes and when I go to sleep, I just let my podcasts play all night. I have to skip the meditations when I wake up because they don’t work th same magic for me. That said, I understand the costs of maintaining two separate podcasts could be prohibitive. So, I’m grateful for what we have. Please keep up the good work Erik and if I ever create my own podcast, you’ll be the first one to know! Hugs, Lisa

100% the only reason I get to sleep

The best storytelling voice you can come across, only voice that could triumph over Erik's voice would be Morgan Freeman. I have a medication I take that helps me stay asleep but I always had trouble getting to sleep. Since I am already on a couple medications and don't want to switch them up, what I have is working well at the moment, finding and eventually subscribing top teir for Listen to Sleep has made it possible for me not to have to add or change anything to my medications. (My therapist and drs know about this podcast and a couple local mental health groups I've been part of). Thanks for changing my life by helping me not change something 😊

Peace and tranquility. Drift away to dreamland with Eric

Eric's voice lulls me to sleep. I listen to his podcasts every night. It has become a night time regime for me.

wonderful storytelling voice

I love Erik's voice and folksy way of telling stories. His voice lulls me to sleep, calms me when I'm antsy and while guided meditations have never done much for me, Erik's and one other voice artist is able to break through and the meditations work for me.

Great full

Love it. It really helps me sleep better and puts my mind on pause

Beautiful storytelling

Erik does a wonderful job of reading stories and meditations in such a soothing way. I really appreciate having his podcasts to knock worrying thoughts out of my head at night and allow me to drift asleep listening to the stories. I also encourage folks to support him on Thanks Erik!

Erik, you saved my nights

Thank you so much for what you do. You've been helping me dealing with insomnia for months. I have never listened to a full story (always falling asleep before !!!) I dreamed of that all my life. You make me wanna do the same kind of podcast but in French (I live in France). I was so desperate when I seeked for help in a podcast and I am so glad you share so much good vibes with us. You are a breath of freedom for my days and nights. I can't express how much your work means to me. Kindest regards, 💜


Very gentle calming voice, helps you fall asleep fast. Great storytelling, definitely will be subscribing for the monthly storytelling.

Longtime listener

I enjoy all the podcasts Sometimes I have to re listen several times when I fall asleep part way thru I enjoy the books. However I do have to wait until they are finished so I can listen to 1 chapter or 2 a night. Meditations and music drive me mad. I need a voice Having said that I’m getting used to the creek and water with pregnant pauses between spoke words I look upon Erik as an old new friend or is that a new old friend I love to hear his stories and quick blurbs about his days with Joe, Brodie and Ninja ALL the podcasts are great Thank you Erik