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The voice thats my help!

Your voice helps me shut my brain off and transcend to the other side at night You are amazing !

Like the voice of your favorite teacher reading to you

The content is a refreshing antidote to the news of the world. He brings you a little bit of his life and nature and then lulls you to sleep.

Erik's consistently flawless delivery keeps me coming back night after night.

I am newly addicted to Erik's (my now favourite) podcast, having only discovered "Listen to Sleep" a month or so ago. I was immediately drawn in by his beautifully soothing voice. The calm, smooth pace and timing of his delivery are flawless. He manages to vividly portray the emotions of the chara…

My guaranteed sleep:)

I found Listen To Sleep through the Stitcher App . I had been using white noise and that just became monotonous. Erik’s voice and the sweet stories calm my mind and I am out as if I’d taken an ambien. No medicine and a beautiful way to go to sleep . This year he has given me calm good nights. Give …

Very relaxing!

My new favorite sleepy time podcast! Thank you! This truly does help me get to sleep—I’m guilty of “mind jogging” at night and have a hard time shutting down. This has really helped me!

Love this podcast!

What a voice, it’s so soothing. One of the only things that make sleep come more easily. Thanks, Erik

Ten words in, and I’m SOLD

What a soothing voice! Wow.


This podcast is a godsend. My mind races and I have trouble going to sleep, but these old stories and Erik’s smooth talking sends me straight to snoozeville. One of these days I need to listen to some of these while sitting at my desk so I can *maybe* finish a story.

Gentle, soothing way to de-accelerate.

This is great! I’m used to stirring myself up with bedtime internet surfing on my phone. This is a much healthier, more wholesome way to nod off into dreamland. Wouldn’t mind hearing some historical biographies — true-life tales of folk heroes, or stories in that vein.

This is Amazing!

I love this podcast. The stories are interesting, and his voice is so soothing it puts me to sleep every time, and usually it takes me forever to fall asleep! I even get to listen to the same episode a few nights in a row, because I can’t even make it to the end! If you have trouble sleeping, you s…

Worked like a charm, was fast asleep in 10 minutes

My go to for when I have insomnia. I keep thinking I'll get to the end of the story but I'm always asleep by then. That said? Looking forward to more episodes I will hopefully finish in chunks separated by delcious bouts of sleep.