Thanks for all the love.

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Longtime listener

I enjoy all the podcasts Sometimes I have to re listen several times when I fall asleep part way thru I enjoy the books. However I do have to wait until they are finished so I can listen to 1 chapter or 2 a night. Meditations and music drive me mad. I need a voice Having said that I’m getting used to the creek and water with pregnant pauses between spoke words I look upon Erik as an old new friend or is that a new old friend I love to hear his stories and quick blurbs about his days with Joe, Brodie and Ninja ALL the podcasts are great Thank you Erik

A game changer for me

This podcast means so much to me. I found him through TikTok when I thought his voice sounded like the man from the Curio shop on Webkinz and it immediately transported me back to my childhood and I felt so calm and at ease


His podcast is wonderful and his TikTok’s are small version of them


This man is doing an amazing job!! My mental health has improved and cleared up so much. I sleep better. I usually listen to meditation before sleep in my bed) And I feel good. You won’t regret if your listen to not only free podcasts but for these you can buy 😍 Sharing all my love with you, beautiful people✨❤️

Five stars

I don’t have trouble sleeping at all but I do have problems with waking up randomly and this helps tremendously! His voice is so soft yet so comforting it’s like you can really imagine his stories he tells.

Really helps me sleep

He seems like a nice guy. He speaks in a deliberate and soothing way that still feels genuine. Sometimes I find podcasters’ adoption of a soothing voice to be too self-conscious and patronizing - like they are acting out what they think a soothing voice should be. I end up distracted and annoyed by it and not soothed at all. But Eric seems to just genuinely be trying to help me sleep, the way a really nice Dad would. The content here is just right too. I especially like the stories though the meditations are good too. The content isn’t pointless stuff I would never otherwise listen to. I’m interested enough to enjoy listening even though I don’t usually hear the end. But I just re-listen the next night, starting a little farther in. 🙂


I never write reviews but this podcast has been helpful and I really wanted to show some support! I love Erik’s voice. It is so calming. The podcast has lots of episodes so I never have to worry about finding another show. The podcast is rich of content and seems to be good for my subconsciousness. Tbh I never passed the introductions before I fall asleep lol. Thank you!

Great voice

Calming and helped me sleep

So relaxing

Relaxing wonderful and beautifull.

Thank you !

This podcast has been a life saver with my insomnia. I really enjoy coming to bed every night and listening to your voice and just forgetting about what all is hard in my life and in the world. I am so very thankful for you. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Erik I need to thank you for helping with my insomnia. You have such a soothing voice and I love the stories about Bodhi.

Well done

I don't know how I found this Listen to sleep, but I say Thank you a million times over. Bravo!

Finally some blissful sleep

I came across your podcast and tried it for a week. I have to say I loved it so much I never finished one recording. You have been blessed with the gift of storytelling and your voice is soothing and calming. I am now a patron :-). Thank you for helping me find blissful, relaxing rest my body, mind and soul so desperately needed.

Just keeps getting better …

I’ve loved the Listen to Sleep episodes since discovering the podcast a while ago. Have to add the stories and meditations just keep getting better and always entertain as I’m gently lulled to sleep. Thank you!

Best sleep podcast

Thank you so much ♥️

Such a great find!

Love this podcast so much. Also really enjoying the meditations. Either the stories or meditations are both so helpful in helping me fall asleep, after years of struggling with sleep. Thank you Erik!

Sleep Master

I've been listening to Erik for about a year. He is my sleep master. Most days I fall asleep within minutes...and then reload the segment because his storytelling is so masterful. Thanks for taking me to a deep and restful sleep. PS - my dog suffers from severe anxiety, but he is calmed by the storytelling. He now whines when the segments finish. 💛

Such a lovely podcast

Erik Ireland has one of the most resonant and soothing voices. He could read the *WSJ and it would sound like a beautiful story. *please don’t read the WSJ, though.

Thank you

I didn’t have the luxury of my dad or grandfather reading me stories to help me fall asleep. When I settle in for the night I’m comforted by the soothing voice and stories. Always 5 stars.

Listening to a friend

I love listening to Eric read stories, but also to his updates about life around his cabin. I just found his podcast this week and happened to catch a bad cold. I’ve been listening to him while I’ve been sick and he always helps me fall asleep. It truly feels like I’m listening to a friend read a bedtime story - and that’s a great feeling.

Listen to sleep

Love this podcast! Really has helped me to fall back to sleep when I wake up for my usual bathroom break.

Erik is such a a kindhearted comfort!

Honestly, my best way to describe this podcast to friends is that Erik has the voice of a sweet, smoky, fall campfire. I genuinely can't sleep now unless I listen to his stories. I recently lost my grandfather, whom was my parent and guardian. This grief is he heaviest pain I've ever felt. I can't sleep at night with out my mind stressing and depressive thoughts haunting me. Listen to Sleep helps me calm down and relax a little. I'll never forget listening to the end of one of Erik's podcasts here on the show. My mind had slowly drifted, my body heavy with sleep... after the story, Erik says something gently along the lines of "I hope whoever is listening to this finds peace." As well as some other sweet sentiments of wishing the listener well. I earnestly cried upon hearing it because I haven't felt at peace since the passing of my protecting and nurturing grandfather. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness in his words that I honestly felt as if they were meant for me to hear. So above anything else, thank you Erik for helping this sad, stressed insomniac sleep a little easier. Your kindness and comfort is truly reflected in your work. Thank you 💖🥺


His podcasts are so relaxing. I usually end up playing the same ones several times because I fall asleep partway through, the next day have to find where I was and keep listening. Thanks

Very suspicious! 😉

Supposedly, Erik reads entire stories, but I can’t vouch for that! His voice is so soporific, I never make it more than a few minutes into the story before falling asleep. In fact, I don’t always make it as far as the story! I bet he just records a few minutes and then leaves the rest blank. Where is the absolutely incurable insomniac who will expose this ruse?

Erik, thank you.

Can’t wait for new episode on Thursday and Sunday, thank you. My sleep has been improved, you are the best 🙏😍🙏😍

Anxiety relief

Erik's voice helps my anxious brain shut off just long enough for me to fall asleep! Even if I don't need the stories every night, they are always good to have when needed! I found you on Spotify a few months back, been listening to the older ones and making my way up to the newer ones!

puts me right to sleep!

i absolutely love sweet Erik, his voice makes me feel safe and comfy. so much so that i sometimes wish i could stay awake longer just to hear more!

Love love love

I listen to you every night. Your voice is so soothing I feel I’ve missed out on my bedtime routine with out a story. I love the variety and have listened to them all, some more than once.

Thank you

Your podcast has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I had a series of 5 strokes several years ago. Although the physical remnants of them have faded, the emotional ones haven’t. The bedtime stories help me with my anxiety and insomnia. I listen to them every single night. Your voice, recap of your day and story selection calm my spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a healer💙🙏🏼

Love it!

I love the stories and Erik's calm voice. It's by far my favorite sleep podcast and I've tried a lot!

The best sleep far!

I’ve listened to plenty of sleep podcasts and have never found one I’ve LOVED until now. His voice, the stories, everything this podcast is is absolute perfection.

It’s my favorite

I look forward to these every week ❤️

Relaxing voice

Thank you Erik for these relaxing stories that help me sleep!

Safe space in a podcast

Probably one of the best podcasts i've ever found, it's been a safe space for me to listen to while i sleep for the past 2 weeks now and can I say it's been the best ever. sleeping has never been better and i feel more rested in the mornings now. I really enjoy each story I hear and everything that goes into this podcast

New favourite sleep podcast

I absolutely love these podcasts. Erik has a very calming energy and I feel like the bedtime stories are healing my inner child while I sleep LOL. Thank you for taking the time to make the podcast, Erik!! I appreciate you. 🥰

Fall asleep fast

I truly believe Erik Ireland was born to be a storyteller. His soft, deep voice comforts and relaxes you from the first word. I can assure you, you will enjoy a restful and deep sleep.

Awesome 🙏

I loved it, felt like I was floating on a cloud. Erik’s voice will relax you immediately,. Sleep tight, or if you choose to listen to the meditation In the morning, what a wonderful way to start the day 🙏 Namaste❤️

all around good vibes

i found erik via tiktok and i am so glad i did because i have trouble sleeping but he helps! he talks to me like a friend and its nice. my personal favorites are the velveteen rabbit and the cat that walked by himself.


This podcast has really helped me out. I can finally sleep. Erik voice is really calming. This reminds me of my childhood for some reason which I love. Thank you Erik for making this podcast. I RECOMMENDED READING!!!!

Thank you

I tried several different sleep podcasts but didn't like the way they told the story, or their voices. I was having problems sleeping and I would normally fall asleep watching TV, which upset my husband some nights. I came across your podcast and instantly new it was the one for me. You have a relaxing voice and I also like the way you tell them. Great selections. Thank you Grace

Hi Erik

Hi Erik, I am 12 years old and a daily listener of your podcast and I really look up to you. Your podcast is my comfort and helps me to sleep at night

Very enjoyable

Whether you just enjoy curling up with a story or love hearing a soothing voice help you relax and sleep, you will love this podcast. Bodi is pretty darn cute so the puppy is a bonus.

best way to fall asleep

i usually need something to help fall asleep to at night, and most of the time i can’t find the right thing. i just found this podcast and i’m very happy i did!! the stories are very comforting and help me sleep. 10/10

None compare

I have loved this podcast for a long while now. Eric has changed my sleep routine for the better and I have never heard a podcast that gives me even a little amount of the calm and comfort that Listen to Sleep gives me. Not only are his stories so personal and lovely that they make you feel like you're calling with a dear friend, his voice is just wonderful. The kindness is heard in every word. Plus, the recent new meditation episode was amazing and might be my new favorite thing, I slept in about 5 minutes and woke up feeling so rested. Much love!

A godsend

I’ve had a change in a medication I take and where I used to sleep soundly all night (I never took it for granted How lucky I was), I now will lay awake for hours as I wake multiple times in the night. I’m sensitive audibly to voices, but this podcast is so soothing and his voice is the perfect pitch, timbre, and speed to help me drift back to sleep quite quickly. Thank you for what you do!! Highly highly recommended!

My Favourite Podcast

For quite some time i’ve struggled with racing thoughts at night. But with this podcast i can finally relax and listen to an interesting story in a sleepy and peaceful voice. Saved my sleep during University Finals !!

Spotify listener that listens eeevvverrry night

Amazing podcast. Love the small preview of Eric's week in the beginning of every episode. Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to listen to the end of every story,as I fall asleep. Can't wait for more stories. Today I am re-listening to The Velveteen rabbit. An all time favourite.

Best Sleep Podcast

As someone with major anxiety, I have tried almost every sleep podcast I could find, and this one is in my opinion the best. The stories are engaging enough to keep my worried mind occupied, and the reading is so soothing that I can almost never make it to the the end of an episode before falling asleep. The whole podcast is so wholesome. You can really tell Erik Ireland loves what they are doing, and that makes all the difference.

Give it a go!

I’m happy that I’ve stumbled across this podcast. As someone with anxiety, staying asleep is hard work. Listen to Sleep usually has me back asleep in a matter of minutes. Definitely worth checking out!


Please make more episodes to listen to I have listened to all of the episodes and I love it 😻 more more more!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥰😍😍😁😁😁😍🥰😍🥰😛😎😎

Favorite to listen to

I love to listen to all the podcasts on Spotify and I enjoy listening to them even if that means my condition (narcolepsy) had acted up bad throughout the day

The end ???

Although the stories are told in a wonderfull way, I never hear the end ....ZZZZZZZZZ

Soothing Voice Reading Relaxing Stories

I have been using Listen to Sleep for several months now to help me sleep. I've never had an issue with falling asleep ... and then the pandemic hit, and so did my sleeplessness. Erik with Listen to Sleep has been a godsend to me and my sleep ... I am so grateful I found his podcast and enjoy a good sleep most every night now! Thank you Erik!

Simply Wonderful

This podcast was recommended to me by my son, who likes to listen to the stories with his young daughter. I gave it a try one night and was instantly hooked. If I fall asleep before the story ends, I just listen to it again. When I do make it to the end of the story, shutting my eyes and falling fast asleep is easy. I highly recommend this podcast.

Erik’s bedtime stories have improved my life.

I am so thankful I found Listen To Sleep. I love Erik’s gentle voice, the stories he chooses, the cadence and tone of his reading, and the fact that he’s genuinely interested in my well-being and sleep. I rarely get past the first little bit of the story before falling asleep. If I wake up during the night, I’ll replay the story and fall asleep right away again. I’m grateful Erik shares his time and talent with the world and I’m happy to support him via Patreon. Thank you, Erik. You’ve helped this troubled sleeper learn how to rest and dream again. ❤️


I found this beautiful soul on TikTok. His voice is so soothing. I love listing to calm down and relax and of course, sleep :)

Great way to fall asleep

Thank you… my children and I enjoy listening to the various stories as part of our bed time routine. We recommend it to all our family and friends

Best podcast

This is both the best sleep podcast and the best overall podcast, Eric is just so sweet and makes my day when I hear about what happens up at the cabin and his little adventures with Joe and Bodhi

I am so going to listen to this podcast forever

I love this podcast it’s so relaxing but also a little scary! My favorite episode is The yellow wallpaper😍😍


I’m always caught between falling asleep in 10 minutes or being too interested in the story to sleep but either way I feel so relaxed when I listen

Best podcast ever!

literally the best sleep podcast i’ve ever listen too!

Sue’s review

This has become my favourite bed time story podcast, I love his soothing voice, his little personal introductions at the beginning and how nicely I fall asleep every night.

Excellent voice, great stories

I used to struggle to fall asleep, my mind would race and anxiety was high. Often times not getting to sleep for hours. Ever since I have started listening I can actually get to sleep., fast! These have truly changed my life. Thank you so much for making these podcasts ❤️

So soothing

I’ve listened to many sleep story podcasts and yours is by far the best thank you so much you are amazing Erik!!


Thanks for your stories. I could listen to you read the phone directory really. Your voice is soothing & resonant. Love hearing the stories of where you live & the walks with your dog Bodhi. Warm greetings from South Australia. Go Well.

Thank you erik !

i need noise to fall asleep faster and having the tv on doesnt work well bc of how bright my tv is so this podcast is perfect because of how calm and relaxing his voice is, thank you erik!:)

Best story teller in the business

Erik not only has the perfect voice for these stories, but his cadence and story selection is off the charts! You have allowed me to sleep a few hours at a time with a newborn. That is truly priceless.

Ive fallen in love with this podcast!

it's helped put me to sleep since i gave up scrolling through social media before bed. so calming!

Best sleep aid ever

When I wake up and cannot fall back to sleep Eric's soothing voice and storytelling works every time. I fall into a deep sleep and wake refreshed.

Great podcast

I love how Erik tells the stories. Calm voice and great background calm music that puts me to sleep in no time.

The best podcast for sleep ever!

I love this podcast so much! It’s not only making falling asleep so effortless for me but it’s brought back so many bittersweet memories through the stories! Thank you so much for this podcast!

Best Podcast Ever

This podcast is so nice :) Helps my fall asleep or just calm myself down when I need it!


This is the first bedtime stories podcast I’ve found that wasn’t narrated by someone with an obnoxious voice and that is actually CALM from start to finish. It’s my children's favorite part of our bedtime routine, and i love the variety of stories and the exposure to new words. Love love love✨

Best sleep podcast ever :)

I love this podcast:) it allows me to turn off mental chatting and I feel relaxed. I've tried a lot of different apps, podcast and soundings to help me sleep, but this is by far the best. I've tried headspace, brain fm and calm, but I always get "stuck" because there is no new content and I get "board" and I stop actually listening. But this is something else. Listen to sleep is the best way end and let go of the day:)

Wonderful sleep aid

I found Erik Ireland by chance on TikTok. He had a lovely video of him and his dog finding some red belly newts. It felt like hiking with a friend. I was delighted to find out he has a sleep podcast! He has such a naturally soothing voice and I absolutely love his calming and charming demeanor. I have recommended this show to all my family and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed sleep aids like the Calm app. Thank you for a lovely podcast, Erik!

Lovely podcast

It’s so comforting and has helped me feel peaceful as I drift off to sleep

My Go To!!!

I love listening to his voice as I fall asleep. I usually don’t get far in the story because it’s so relaxing! Thanks for your hard work, Erik!

There should be a 10-star rating

This podcast is incredible and magical. I have trouble sleeping and this podcast it’s the only thing that can help me sleep and I listen to it every night. I love the variety of stories, the ambience sounds and music, and the collaborations with artists! Plus, Erik is and amazingly inspiring soul with a beautiful voice and a huge heart. I can’t wait to listen the next story!

Listen to it every night

This is a very good podcast I really like this podcast the stores are so peaceful I decided to send an email to Erik and he wrote me back within a day which shows how devoted he is to this podcast. My favorite story’s that Erik does are the Norse and the Japanese.

Love this podcast

This is such a great podcast to help me wind down and gently doze off. One of the best I’ve found - thank you xx

Glad I found this podcast!

I searched around for a while to find a sleep podcast and once I heard yours I was hooked! Don’t listen to any others as most voices are annoying 🤣 but you have such a soothing voice. Love your personal stories especially about Bodi and Ninja.😄

Works for me totally

Good stories, well read. Thank you Erik

A blessing for sleep.

Please never stop!!! You’re saving my body and mind. Thank you.

Lovely podcast

Hey! My name is Livia and i really enjoy the bedtime stories. I feel like they have helped me get to sleep faster. What i like about how your podcast is the way you structure them. I like that you have a longer intro where you talk about your blog and thank the people who joined the Patreon! And i also think the breathing exercise is very lovely. Thank you for the joy you bring me when i listen to the stories.

It's a Dream listening to your Podcast!!!!

I go to Sleep Every Single Night listening to you, your Voice is Amazing, So Calmly and Relaxing, I drift off Every Night.... 😴💤🛏 Thank you 😊

Great storytelling and content

Great soothing voice. Definitely helps calm the mind. I love all the old stories from around the world from my childhood days. I don’t usually make it through one story and wake up 10 in then have to go back the next night😂.

🤩 Amazing & Thank you

I rarely review anything, but this podcast is amazing! I have enjoyed every episode and I also love the intro, hearing about the mountains, the creek, the wildlife etc. Thankyou so much for doing this podcast. I suffer with anxiety & depression (and possibly undiagnosed ADHD), so falling asleep is hard. This podcast has helped calm my mind down so much before bed, and I’m forever grateful ❤️

Bedtime Stories

Erik’s voice is so soothing! He is a wonderful story teller. It’s like Grandpa reading you a bedtime story.

The best podcast

So I have to sleep with bg noise and this helps me so much. Also on the newest stories it’s title is ib and little Christina, my name is Christina. Anyway so soothing

You somehow make insomnia not unbearable

I know that sounds a little dramatic. Fact is that I’ve had insomnia since I turned teen and have now spent 2 decades chasing this mythical thing called a good night’s sleep. All of the different things I listen to (movies, songs, stories, meditations etc) are in a lottery of what will win that night to get me to sleep. There are sooo many ways you can listen to a story these days, trust me, I’m pretty much an expert. But for me, now I only listen to Erik for sleep stories if that’s what my brain wants that night. He makes me feel calm and safe, and his voice is such a delight to listen to. I usually find myself getting agitated when I’m not asleep after hours of lying in bed, frustrated that I’m going to be exhausted again tomorrow. But somehow, Erik’s story telling doesn’t make me feel that way. Only his! He’s special, I’ll tell you that. I can lay there listening, and because I feel calm and warm and comfortable, my body and mind are resting, and I’m genuinely enjoying a beautiful story told so wonderfully that I’m actual content even if I’m not dozing off as quickly as I’d like. If I have to be laying awake, unable to fall asleep, I want to be laying awake listening to Erik tell me a story.

Just Dreamy

I have just recently discovered your podcast , and I absolutely love it ! Your calming words from your cabin are just what I need to relax and fall asleep! My favorite part is the beginning when you talk about the nature experiences you have . I love that you share your personal stories . I could listen to you talk about your life at the cabin for hours ! Thank you for sharing yourself and your voice ! I really appreciate you and all you do to help me sleep !

Best bedtime story podcast

Hands down the best bedtime story podcast out there. So much good content in the back log and new stories coming out constantly! Eric’s voice is perfect for relaxing. I can never get to the end of a story because it works like a charm to put me to sleep!

10/10 Nothing but LOVE!

This podcast is hands down THE BEST bedtime podcast around. I struggled sleeping almost every single night, I listened to many different podcasts but nothing compares with Listen to Sleep♥️. . Thank you so much Eric for putting the time and effort into making these podcasts. Even my family members know how much I love it! I refer to Eric as 'Kind Sir'😄، so every night before falling asleep my husband asks if I'm listening to my 'Kind Sir' podcast and of course the answer is always YES! . I wanted to become a member of parteon and Listen to Sleep Plus to support the podcast but unfortunately that’s not possible for me because I live in Iran and it’s not possible for us to pay online for foreign stuff (sad) but I hope one day I can!

Gentle and Calming!

Unlike similar podcast, Eric is also a great voice actor so it really makes his story so much more interestimg and more like those bedtime stories that our parents used to read to us when we were little.

Best sleep podcast I’ve found!

I absolutely love this podcast!! Since I’ve moved back onto campus it’s helped me so much to just relax at night amidst the chaos of school and daily stresses. Erik’s voice is so soothing, and he picks such a great variety of stories. He really puts a lot of thought into these podcasts, and it’s evident in his reading. You can even request stories which is so sweet as well. Highly, highly recommend!

My favourite way to end the day, everyday.

I love the wide range of different stories and always find the updates around your cabin really peaceful and it sets a great tone for the mind to just drift away using the imagination. Thank you for your work.

Night night

Erik’s soothing voice relaxes me into sleep so quickly. I’ve never heard the ending of any story the first time as I’m fast asleep. Thank you, Erik!

Thank you

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and find it very difficult to sleep sometimes. The quiet makes my mind go a million miles a minute. I’ve tried everything from sound machines to hypnosis. I’ve been sleeping with the TV on for years…much to my husband’s dismay. Your podcast has changed my life. Sounds dramatic, but your voice and choice of stories, somehow calms my brain and helps lull me into a calm and relaxed state. My partner finally gets to sleep in a dark and quiet room. Problem is…he wants to hear your stories to fall asleep now too. 😆 I finally understand the power of a bedtime story or lullaby. Keep em coming! You’re killing it.

My Go-To App for falling asleep

The last thing I do every night is turn on “Listen to Sleep”, even after listening to some of my other podcasts or reading a book. Erik has such a soothing voice and he tells the best stories! It’s just what I like falling asleep to. I usually have to listen to each story more than once because I never hear the end of the story before falling asleep. I also enjoy when he drops in a few updates on what’s going on with his and Joe’s life in the mountains.

Only thing that helps me sleep.

I’ve tried many podcasts, every playlist on Spotify, different background noise, but for some reason the soothing deep voice and the way these stories are told is mezmerising. I’m usually asleep before the story ends, but I love getting to the end and hearing “goodnight” whispered. 👌🏼

A big Thank You from New Zealand

I so enjoy your podcast, I set the timer so it will stop at the end of an episode but only get through maybe the first 10mins because it takes me a few nights to actually finish a story :) I found that other story tellers have the back ground music too loud or have it all the way through a story and is way to distracting for me to relax and drift off. Love your stories and your soothing voice Erik. Many thanks for helping me have a good nights sleep and if I do wake up during the night I just start playing your story again and have no trouble getting back to sleep...thanks to you! Take care

Love Erik’s voice

I don’t always fall asleep, but listening to a story is way better than half the thoughts running through my mind!

So comforting

I love the little personal glimpses we get at the beginning of the pod casts- makes it seem like and old friend is reading to you. Love the stories and your soothing voice, lulling me to sleep. Finally, I can sleep like a baby!

100% success rate

Erik’s podcast does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve been really struggling to switch off at night and since I’ve discovered Erik’s podcast I actually look forward to bedtime. His voice is magical and the intros have painted such a vivid picture of his cabin and life that I feel like he’s an old friend. I cannot recommend trying these wonderful stories enough. I can now guarantee I’ll fall asleep within 30 mins every night. I’m in debited to Erik for this most precious gift.

Ahhh … this is the one!

I’ve listened to a lot of sleep story-type podcasts, and some helped a bit but most didn’t really. I can’t be just bored to sleep! If it’s boring, my going-at-the-speed-of-light brain keeps yammering. Because it’s not engaged with something else. But this one combines Erik’s amazingly soothing, clear voice with stories you want to listen to. And, then, because I’m tired, I still fall asleep vs. thinking myself into wide awake status again. Even Erik’s intro about life at the cabin in northern California, his invitation that this is your time to do this and nothing else (because yes I’ll still think about what I *need* to do or *should* do), etc. help me relax and feel rested/ready to sleep. This continues to evolve over time and just gets better and better. Fan for life!

Great podcast!!!

I listen to the podcast when I go to bed. I'm always having trouble falling asleep. And this podcast helps me very well. I didn't finish the stories yet. Half way I fall asleep to the soothing voice of this podcast.

The best podcast to help sleep I’ve

This podcast is so relaxing and its rare to find a voice as good as Erik’s. It’s extremely comforting and does help with managing those anxious thoughts that often come at night and make getting off to sleep harder. I love hearing the updates from the cabin at the beginning before the story too. Would highly recommend!

Love this podcast!

I’ve listen to a few different podcasts and this is by far my favorite for falling asleep. The narrator and creator of this podcast is very genuine individual who pool stories from his own imagination and his life and tells them with authenticity that one can feel. Despite being interested in the story, his voice is so relaxing that I always find myself falling asleep which is the point but one of these days maybe I’ll actually hear the end of the story. 😃. highly recommend!

Sheer Bliss

I have listened to all 126 podcasts on Spotify and love your content. Definitely the best podcast channel on Spotify in 2020/2021. ❤ Warm wishes and appreciation from Scotland

Thanks for the Zzzzzzzs

Erik, My 7 year old and I love your show. You have a fantastic voice, and a generous spirit! We need to get over to Patreon so we can continue to enjoy your readings. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you!!!

Your podcasts are exactly what I love to listen to!!


Absolutely loved it. A gifted voice, cadence and meaningful words.Soothing,human.

My go to for sleep!

Erik does such an amazing job, his voice is so soothing and he does such a great job with keeping his voice mellow and still giving feeling and emotions to the stories he tells. It’s never dry which is something I have noticed and not liked with other mature bedtime story shows. He also does a good amount of family friendly / all ages stories so I am able to play a good amount for everyone to listen to as a family. I love this podcast and would recommend it to anyone who needs help getting rest.

I listen every night.

Thank you for all that you do.

Peaceful podcast

Your stories ease my anxiety and help me fall asleep peacefully, if I wake up unexpectedly and your podcast is still playing, it doesn’t startle me, also the stories and dreams are so unique, much love from Melbourne Australia, Jess

Nothing to do, Nowhere to go, It’s quiet time, Your Time

This is now my mantra when I want to relax. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months now and am so grateful to you for giving me a way to fall asleep peacefully. Before I found this, I would toss and turn and think about everything and anything but now I can go to bed knowing that once I turn your stories on, I’ll fall sleep within a few minutes. Thank you so much!

Best stories, best favorite and I've tried a lot.

I always look forward to Erik's stories and even listen to them several times until there is a new one! His voice is calm and relaxing plus the volume stays the same. I enjoy the longer stories because it takes me a while to fall asleep. That being said - I have drifted off before the end a few times but I can listen to it again the next night. I have listened to every one of his podcasts. Thank you!

Smile to sleep

I think it really amazing and found what I was looking for!!

Love his voice

I’m pushing 80, so you know I have listened to a lot of podcasts. I set the timer for 30 minutes, get comfy and listen to many stories my parents would read me when I was a child. Erik’s voice is so calming that more times than not I am off in dreamland. This really is the best one around, at least for me!


I’m 14 in marching band and currently have a lot of anxiety from becoming a freshman and Erik helps me sleep he’s so awesome keep up the good work 😊

Only thing that helps!

I’ve tried multiple sleep podcasts and listen to sleep is the only one that’s ever literally helped me fall asleep! His voice is so soothing and rich, literally could listen to him tell stories all day and night because of the calm of his voice.

Such A Blessing

I’ve been using Listen to Sleep for about a week now and I’m just so in love with this sweet man who reads all kinds of awesome stories to me every night. I love the voice and the speed he reads and everything about this podcast, I’ve used talk downs and stuff plenty of times but this is the first bedtime stories podcast that I tried to really work for me. Thank you Erik for all your hard work!!

So thankful for this podcast

Lol I have become completely dependent on this podcast! I have always struggled getting to sleep. This has been such a blessing in my life. Tried other sleep stories that worked ok, but nothing works like this. I found you on Spotify. I love the guided breathing as the stories get started. Erik, your voice is so soothing. It’s the only way I sleep now! At night I look forward to turning on my sleep story every evening. Thank you thank you thank you!


I stumbled across this podcast when I was trying to find some stories to help me sleep, and I am so glad I did!! The stories are lovely and Erik's voice is so soothing and easy to listen to. I love the variety of stories he shares. Listen to sleep is my go to now when I need an extra hand to get to sleep. Couldn't recommend more!

The best part of my night

I found this podcast on Spotify and I am hooked. So is my 13 year old son! We listen every night. Erik’s voice helps me shake off the stress and anxiety of my day and helps calm my ADHD teenager, then the next day, we talk about the story we listened to the previous night, which is a double win. I can’t say enough about this podcast!

You are the Best

Our little family of 3 listens to your Podcast every night and without fail i wake up early hours of the morning to put the stories off as they have been playing all night! We Love your voice and the stories are great too, I am so inspired to start my own podcast here in South Africa and will try my luck with Anchor as you mentioned! Thanks for the deep sleep Erik you are the best

Just divine

I can’t be without this podcast anymore. Beautiful stories and a wonderful comforting voice. Just perfect 👍 thanks Erik

The best part of my nightly routine

Erik's voice is warm, calming, and dreamy (so to speak) and helps soothe away my anxiety and quiets down my mind. I listen almost every night. I joined the Patreon, but I actually listen to the versions with the intro and breathing exercises because I love that part of my sleep routine. The only problem with this podcast is that I’m always asleep before I can hear the whole story, so I never know how anything ends (at least not consciously). Thank you so much, Erik! You’re making a big difference in my world!


Thank you for helping me fall asleep. Many a times I want to finish listening to the story but just can't (that's the whole point right 😉) you take care and stay peaceful.

Thank you!

I love your podcast Erik. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep due to tinnitus in both ears and busy mind. Your voice and stories are the only thing that works. Thanks for being great.

love it

helped me through many difficult nights <3

Thanks for your help getting back to sleep

I love your podcast! The stories are so interesting and your voice is the prefect pitch for me to relax and fall asleep. Thanks so much.

I’ve been searching for years for this podcast

I have ADHD and a lot of problems when it comes to shutting down my brain for sleep. This podcast provides the perfect soothing voice, gentle music, and easy listening stories to guarantee sleep every night! And best of all is the length - I usually need at least 30 minutes to fall asleep, and these stories are always at least that long!

Simply The Best

I can’t say enough about about how much I enjoy this Podcast. I’ve tried many sleep story accounts but this is the best by far. Erik’s voice and cadence are too perfect. I’m convinced he was born to create Listen To Sleep. As a queer person in a mixed-race family I think Erik’s delicate attention to social justice is invaluable. His stories provide a lovely transition into sleep and allow me to wake the next day as a better self, ready to work at making the world a better place. Thank you, Erik!

How did we ever sleep before your podcast

We literally wait anxiously for the next story, can't imagine our nightly routine without you Erik, thanks so much for everything you do

Thank you!

I love your podcast. I was brought up being read to every evening. I live in a little town in British Columbia and right now we are under an evacuation Alert because of encroaching wildfires. I am a cashier and floral specialist so I am dealing with the public all day, Often on both their best and worst days. Your podcast with some cooling, watery nature sounds after, (no cracking fires for this one) helps me de-stress and wind down so much after a long day.

Love this podcast

This podcast is great! I have been listening to it for a couple of weeks now and it really helps me fall asleep. It really helps me not to over think my day or whatever is coming up. I just put it on, get comfy and let myself get carried away by the stories he tells. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to help them fall asleep.

Great way to sleep

Erik makes falling asleep so much easier for me! I often toss and turn for 2+ hours. Since finding his podcast two weeks back, I’ve been able to wake up ~an hour earlier each day, allowing me to start my day on a more productive note. If you struggle to sleep like I do, give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Truly helpful

The stories are wonderful. Narration perfect for sleepy time.

Wonderful podcast

You do a wonderful job telling stories. You make me feel like I’m listening to a good friend. Thank you!

Helps me sleep every night in Australia!

Erik's voice is so calming, and the story choice is abundant. This podcast has been helping me fall into a deep sleep for over a year now, thankyou so much Erik!

Literally a Life Saver

This podcast is the best find! I don't stress about going to bed now, or dread it because I know once I put my earbuds in and put Listen to Sleep on to play.... it's all going to be fine! The one downside? I never get to hear the end of a story 😆

What a great help

I have trouble, often, falling back to sleep in the middle of the night. Finding this podcast has been a game changer. Erik’s voice and choice of material is perfect to drift off. Works every time!

Love your work, Erik

I’ve “listened” to episode #2 four times and I still don’t know how Odin lost his eye. Thanks Erik for making this podcast. It really works. P.S. I also enjoy listening to your intros because you seem like a lovely human. Even you ads feel genuine.

Amazing for Anxiety!

I have PTSD and sleeping at night is a huge task for me. I often have panic attacks and difficulty calming down. While most people look forward to going to bed, I never do—it’s a source of tension in my life. One day I decided to check out a sleep story and see if that might help. That’s how I discovered Erik’s podcast. The stories were interesting and entertaining, allowing me to distract my mind, while being soothing and gentle enough to let me wander off into sleep. I’ve checked out other sleep storytellers, but I always go back to Erik for his unique voice and lovely disposition. It’s so charming to hear updates about the cabin and the beautiful landscape, and even better to hear the lovely nature sounds. A little escape every night. Now I look forward to going to bed, enjoying new stories and old favorite ones. Thank you Erik! ❤️❤️❤️


Love the heart that goes into his work his voice is calm and soothing and goes by at a comfortable pace love the stories themselves as well. You should definitely give it a try!


I will frequently have issues with day sleeping if I pick up night shifts. My brain wonders what's going on outside my 4 walls, what are my people up to. But I pop in my ear buds and focus on a good story in a soothing voice, then I can relax and get some rest. Thanks, Erik

Thank you for making this podcast!

Ever since I found the podcast I’ve been listening to it every night, Eriks voice is so calming and I love the breathing exercises he does before the actual story. I recommend this to anyone who has a hard time sleeping like me, it really helps relax and calm you before you sleep. Thank You

Wonderful podcast.

So soothing. Thank you!

Voice of an angel

Eric has the perfect voice to fall asleep too, we're currently listening to a fairy tale, his choice in reading material is fantastic, thanks for everything Eric, loved seeing all the pictures from around the cabin, sure is beautiful out there

Deeep ZZZZZ's

Even when I think I'm not going to fall asleep, it always works. Erik's voice and demeanor are awesomely relaxing and help clear my mind of all the day's distractions.

Sweet dreams

What a soothing voice!! Thank you for the stories!

What I’ve Been Searching For!

I’m in a very distressed chapter of my life and trying to sleep can be daunting. I have been searching for the voice and the content that really lets my mind let go and rest. When I found Listen To Sleep, I instantly knew I’d found what I’d been searching for! I love the stories and I love the sound of Erik’s voice! I can feel all the love he puts into it as well. I’m SO grateful to have found you!!!

Nothing to do, nowhere to be.

I was having a hard time going to sleep because of the many thoughts floating around in my brain. If you're like me listening to stories will helps you focus on something else and fall asleep within 10 minutes of listening to Erik's voice. He has the best raspy voice ever. I love everything from the ads to the breath work to the stories. This podcast will guaranteed become part of your daily night routine. Sleep tight and happy pride month!

Best app to drift off to sleep

My husband and I have used ambient noise apps and sleep apps for ages. A few weeks ago we found this one and it is PERFECT! We've tried a few others but only get a few minutes in before we come back to Eric and his amazing, soothing voice. It's a mix of fatherly storytelling and ASMR. Every night my husband says goodnight to Eric when I turn on the app lol. It really has become a vital part of our nightly ritual.

Beautiful gentleman

Absolutely love Erik's podcasts, a very warm and calming voice, almost as if you are getting a hug through his words. Even through his podcasts you can tell he's a kind, caring individual. Really recommended his podcasts and excited to hear more!

The most soothing voice and the best stories

I have listened to a LOT of Sleep Podcasts. And this is by far my favourite. The stories are fun, interesting, mystical, captivating, while his voice just LULLs you to sleep. Really it is the perfect combination. Thank you so much


I cannot sleep without this podcast! Eric’s voice is so soothing and his reading of stories instantly transports you away from your thoughts, guiding you into a peaceful sleep.

Best sleep ever!

This is hands down my favorite bedtime podcast. Erik has such a nice voice and I bet the stories are absolutely great. But I tend to fall asleep after about 10 minutes and never get to hear the end. 🤣 But that works out great because it means every episode is still a new episode for me!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping me fall asleep Erik! Your stories are perfect at holding my attention just enough to distract me from my normal racing thoughts so that my brain can switch off and fall asleep. I've been listening to podcasts for a long time now but yours is the first that I've actually gone ahead and subscribed and reviewed. Keep up the great work!

The best way to shut down at night

I've been listening for a few months now and these stories put me to sleep better than any others. I have been using sleep stories for over a year now, but I like Listen To Sleep the most because of the consistent story teller. His voice is so calming and kind and it triggers my brain that it's time to shut off and go to sleep. I listen pretty much every night and it has been so helpful for me as an anxious and over-thinking person. Thank you!

Calming, peaceful, and under-rated

Erik deserves more recognition for his work. His podcast has been an integral part of my nighttime routine and has allowed me to gain peace of mind and calmness as I wind down. Of course, his voice might be the best part of it all, but the way he counts stories is spot on. There's a wide variety to choose from, too. Incredibly helpful to fall asleep and would recommend everyone to (at least) give it a try!

Excellent sleep st

I've tried a few podcast before listening to Erik's. This one is the best by far. Erik's voice is so relaxing and calming...I'm hooked. Thank you


I love it! You have an excellent reading voice, and the experience is enhanced by updates on cabin life ❤ I'm a psychotherapist and I recommend this go my clients who have trouble sleeping.

Best sleep ever!

After just recently, within the past couple months, discovering Listen to Sleep, I’m loving each and every story as I shut my eyes and begin to turn off for the day. Your voice is amazing ... I tell everyone about you and Listen to Sleep. Thank you, Lynda Z

Sleep much better

Erik, listening ever single night and I am sleeping better and better also love your voice.

Thank you

I almost have never heard a podcast all the way through because I fall asleep before they are over! So great and so visual and relaxing!

Thank you

I love falling to sleep while listening. It sure helps this insomniac.

It really helps!

I enjoy this podcast so much. I found out about sleep stories a few years back through the Calm app, but found it too expensive to keep up with. So at the start of the year when I needed help sleeping, I decided to search Spotify for sleep stories. I tried a few, but Listen to Sleep is by far my favourite. Erik's voice is like a warm, comforting hug. I like to listen for about an hour every night, and I find I am very relaxed afterward. I cannot recommend it enough.

Guaranteed Sleep

I’m usually a very good sleeper but a recent turn of events has left me feeling anxious and in these stressful COVID times I know how important it is to sleep well for my mental health. These stories and Eric’s voice works every time. I wish I could stay awake to listen to the stories but I just can’t!

Never slept better

Thank you wizard Erik - thanks to you I’m sleeping like a baby now :)

So happy to have found Listen To Sleep

I have tried all the things I can to help me sleep and stay asleep! I was directed by a friend to try sleep stories, I tried a few other ones but finally landed on Listen to Sleep and I am hooked! Thank you for the great content week after week!

Excellent Podcast

Recently started listening to this podcast. The stories are quite good and Erik is the perfect storyteller. I became a Patreon supporter and feel good about supporting the podcast. If you have trouble getting to sleep, give Listen to Sleep a try.

Helps at times

I struggle a bunch and when I feel better and just need something to listen to and that helps me relax I use this podcast. His voice is really calming and seems to actually care. Which I feel is rare. Anyways sending love and positive energy to whoever is reading this, hope you find what your looking for :) Thanks Erik

Sleeping better

I've been listening for a couple weeks now. Your Podcast was recommended on my Spotify. I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear old classics and fairy tales but it doesn't matter what you read because your voice lulls me to sleep. "Sink down into your mattress" I love those words & I sleep better. Thank you.

My favorite sleep podcast

I’ve always had trouble sleeping due to an active mind at night. I’ve tried a few apps and podcasts with no luck, until I found this one. Erik’s voice is so soothing that I fall asleep so quick every night. I don’t think I’ve finished a story yet. I listen to it nightly and it’s improved my sleep. Thank you for this podcast!

My favourite podcast

Thank you for your podcasts- I love them. I don’t think I’ve stayed awake to hear a whole one yet. Your voice soothes and calms me and gives me peaceful dreams! It’s a slice of escapism for me in Manchester Uk.

So soothing..

Thank you for helping me sleep. I enjoy listening to your soothing voice and it calms me down at night so that I can get some shut eye.. You are the only sleep podcast that I listen to. Also, I appreciate you bringing us into your surroundings! Thank you.

Thank you

I love this podcast. Your voice is sooo calming to me. I really can't sleep without it anymore. Thank you

I listen most every night

Erik has that kind of voice that puts you in neverland and the stories are mildly interesting. I rarely hear the ending!

Best stories

Wonderful stories. I listen every night. Lovely voice.😊

When In Search of Relaxation

I stumbled upon this podcast when searching for something to use to help me sleep. I've listed to the music themed; the nature themed and even others that read you stories to help relax you and lull you into slumber. To be honest, Erik has such a sleep engaging voice. That I never really get to hear the full story - unless of course I wake up at 5 AM and it's still streaming and then I get to hear one of the stories in full. I find the stories interesting enough to peak my interest and his voice soothing enough as to help put me into a space of quiet and eventually into a gentle slumber. I recommend this podcast.

From Panic Attacks to Sweet Dreams

My life was significantly improved when I found Listen to Sleep 2 months ago. I used to have terrible nightmares and would wake up for several hours in the night. However since listening to this app I can calm myself so quickly and fall asleep feeling safe and at ease. I am so grateful for this podcast and look forward to resting every night now! Thank you Erik.

Love the stories

Eric's Soothing and calming voice makes it so easy to sink into relaxation and fall asleep. I love his stories but rarely hear the end of them before I'm fast asleep.

Such a great podcast

I have always struggled with sleeping, I need some sort of background noise or my mind will just race for hours. I stumbled upon this podcast and it has been the best thing ever! It relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. I would definitely recommend!

Soothing voice

Just the right story teller to help me relax and go to dream land.

Thank you!

My husband and I listen to this podcast every night. It really helps calm us before bed. Thank you Eric!

What I’ve Been Searching For!

I’m in a very distressed chapter of my life and trying to sleep can be daunting. I have been searching for the voice and the content that really lets my mind let go and rest. When I found Listen To Sleep, I instantly knew I’d found what I’d been searching for! I love the stories and I love the sound of Erik’s voice! I can feel all the love he puts into it as well. I’m SO grateful to have found you!!!

Erik is like family to me

When I was little, my dad used to read me bedtime stories, or the famous stories about myself called "pretty little girl" lol. Erik's voice is so soothing and so sweet, just hearing him talk you know hes a kind, loving person who would hug you if you asked for one, and it would be an amazing hug. I'm low key sad he isnt my real friend but the stories feel like he is reading just to me and we are spending time together. He also gave me the free patreon because I'm disabled and dont have a job. Erik is amazing and we are all privileged to have such a generous man who will read us to sleep. Love u forever erik

Absolutely love this podcast

I’ve listened to a few sleep podcasts trying to find one that suits me and I just happened to find Listen To Sleep and haven’t looked back! It’s so soothing and calming, Erik’s voice is music to my ears and I fall asleep so quickly. I really appreciate the types of stories that are read out as well, they are all interesting and I’ve listened to some multiple times as I’d like to hear how they end but never manage to make it that far as I fall asleep! Can’t recommend this podcast enough!


I have bad OCD, I kinda spent all night worrying or focusing on something unimportant and couldn't sleep, I listened to sleep sounds and tried everything, nothing worked, so this podcast is awesome, I always get to sleep in minutes and I love it

Great Sleep Listening

This podcast has gray content with a soothing voice to help you drift off to bed with out even realizing it. Highly recommend!

Best Sleepy Podcast Ever!!

I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago. His voice instantly soothed me & helped me relax. I’m usually asleep about 15minutes into him reading.

Very soothing

I am very picky when it comes to narrators but Erik's voice is perfect for sleep stories. Very calming yet still very interesting.

Helps me sleep

It helps me quiet my mind so I can fall asleep better after listening to the podcast

My new favorite bedtime podcast!

erik has an incredible voice that is so soothing to listen to and his story telling is very relaxing. he genuinely cares about his listeners and it truly shows in his episodes. thank you, erik for all of your hard work!

Highly Recommend

I have tried several different podcasts to help me fall asleep and this one takes the cake! Erik does such a good job at reading the stories and his soothing voice allows me to gently drift off to sleep in no time. I recommend this podcast to all my friends and family.

Love ist!

No more night without my beloved sleep stories - thank you so much Erik!

Unbelievably good

Thank you so much for the lovely stories - I can finally fall asleep again! Best sleeping podcast out there - by far!