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You somehow make insomnia not unbearable

I know that sounds a little dramatic. Fact is that I’ve had insomnia since I turned teen and have now spent 2 decades chasing this mythical thing called a good night’s sleep. All of the different things I listen to (movies, songs, stories, meditations etc) are in a lottery of what will win that night to get me to sleep.
There are sooo many ways you can listen to a story these days, trust me, I’m pretty much an expert. But for me, now I only listen to Erik for sleep stories if that’s what my brain wants that night. He makes me feel calm and safe, and his voice is such a delight to listen to.
I usually find myself getting agitated when I’m not asleep after hours of lying in bed, frustrated that I’m going to be exhausted again tomorrow. But somehow, Erik’s story telling doesn’t make me feel that way. Only his! He’s special, I’ll tell you that.
I can lay there listening, and because I feel calm and warm and comfortable, my body and mind are resting, and I’m genuinely enjoying a beautiful story told so wonderfully that I’m actual content even if I’m not dozing off as quickly as I’d like.
If I have to be laying awake, unable to fall asleep, I want to be laying awake listening to Erik tell me a story.

Oct. 25, 2021 by SendMeToTheLandOfNod on Apple Podcasts

Listen To Sleep - Free Bedtime Stories & Sleep Meditations