Thanks for all the love.

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I never write reviews but this podcast has been helpful and I really wanted to show some support! I love Erik’s voice. It is so calming. The podcast has lots of episodes so I never have to worry about finding another show. The podcast is rich of content and seems to be good for my subconsciousness. Tbh I never passed the introductions before I fall asleep lol. Thank you!

Great voice

Calming and helped me sleep

So relaxing

Relaxing wonderful and beautifull.

Thank you !

This podcast has been a life saver with my insomnia. I really enjoy coming to bed every night and listening to your voice and just forgetting about what all is hard in my life and in the world. I am so very thankful for you. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Erik I need to thank you for helping with my insomnia. You have such a soothing voice and I love the stories about Bodhi.

Well done

I don't know how I found this Listen to sleep, but I say Thank you a million times over. Bravo!

Finally some blissful sleep

I came across your podcast and tried it for a week. I have to say I loved it so much I never finished one recording. You have been blessed with the gift of storytelling and your voice is soothing and calming. I am now a patron :-). Thank you for helping me find blissful, relaxing rest my body, mind and soul so desperately needed.

Just keeps getting better …

I’ve loved the Listen to Sleep episodes since discovering the podcast a while ago. Have to add the stories and meditations just keep getting better and always entertain as I’m gently lulled to sleep. Thank you!

Best sleep podcast

Thank you so much ♥️

Such a great find!

Love this podcast so much. Also really enjoying the meditations. Either the stories or meditations are both so helpful in helping me fall asleep, after years of struggling with sleep. Thank you Erik!

Sleep Master

I've been listening to Erik for about a year. He is my sleep master. Most days I fall asleep within minutes...and then reload the segment because his storytelling is so masterful. Thanks for taking me to a deep and restful sleep. PS - my dog suffers from severe anxiety, but he is calmed by the storytelling. He now whines when the segments finish. 💛

Such a lovely podcast

Erik Ireland has one of the most resonant and soothing voices. He could read the *WSJ and it would sound like a beautiful story. *please don’t read the WSJ, though.

Thank you

I didn’t have the luxury of my dad or grandfather reading me stories to help me fall asleep. When I settle in for the night I’m comforted by the soothing voice and stories. Always 5 stars.

Listening to a friend

I love listening to Eric read stories, but also to his updates about life around his cabin. I just found his podcast this week and happened to catch a bad cold. I’ve been listening to him while I’ve been sick and he always helps me fall asleep. It truly feels like I’m listening to a friend read a bedtime story - and that’s a great feeling.

Listen to sleep

Love this podcast! Really has helped me to fall back to sleep when I wake up for my usual bathroom break.

Erik is such a a kindhearted comfort!

Honestly, my best way to describe this podcast to friends is that Erik has the voice of a sweet, smoky, fall campfire. I genuinely can't sleep now unless I listen to his stories. I recently lost my grandfather, whom was my parent and guardian. This grief is he heaviest pain I've ever felt. I can't sleep at night with out my mind stressing and depressive thoughts haunting me. Listen to Sleep helps me calm down and relax a little. I'll never forget listening to the end of one of Erik's podcasts here on the show. My mind had slowly drifted, my body heavy with sleep... after the story, Erik says something gently along the lines of "I hope whoever is listening to this finds peace." As well as some other sweet sentiments of wishing the listener well. I earnestly cried upon hearing it because I haven't felt at peace since the passing of my protecting and nurturing grandfather. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness in his words that I honestly felt as if they were meant for me to hear. So above anything else, thank you Erik for helping this sad, stressed insomniac sleep a little easier. Your kindness and comfort is truly reflected in your work. Thank you 💖🥺


His podcasts are so relaxing. I usually end up playing the same ones several times because I fall asleep partway through, the next day have to find where I was and keep listening. Thanks

Very suspicious! 😉

Supposedly, Erik reads entire stories, but I can’t vouch for that! His voice is so soporific, I never make it more than a few minutes into the story before falling asleep. In fact, I don’t always make it as far as the story! I bet he just records a few minutes and then leaves the rest blank. Where is the absolutely incurable insomniac who will expose this ruse?

Erik, thank you.

Can’t wait for new episode on Thursday and Sunday, thank you. My sleep has been improved, you are the best 🙏😍🙏😍

Anxiety relief

Erik's voice helps my anxious brain shut off just long enough for me to fall asleep! Even if I don't need the stories every night, they are always good to have when needed! I found you on Spotify a few months back, been listening to the older ones and making my way up to the newer ones!

puts me right to sleep!

i absolutely love sweet Erik, his voice makes me feel safe and comfy. so much so that i sometimes wish i could stay awake longer just to hear more!

Love love love

I listen to you every night. Your voice is so soothing I feel I’ve missed out on my bedtime routine with out a story. I love the variety and have listened to them all, some more than once.

Thank you

Your podcast has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I had a series of 5 strokes several years ago. Although the physical remnants of them have faded, the emotional ones haven’t. The bedtime stories help me with my anxiety and insomnia. I listen to them every single night. Your voice, recap of your day and story selection calm my spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a healer💙🙏🏼

Love it!

I love the stories and Erik's calm voice. It's by far my favorite sleep podcast and I've tried a lot!

The best sleep far!

I’ve listened to plenty of sleep podcasts and have never found one I’ve LOVED until now. His voice, the stories, everything this podcast is is absolute perfection.

It’s my favorite

I look forward to these every week ❤️

Relaxing voice

Thank you Erik for these relaxing stories that help me sleep!

Safe space in a podcast

Probably one of the best podcasts i've ever found, it's been a safe space for me to listen to while i sleep for the past 2 weeks now and can I say it's been the best ever. sleeping has never been better and i feel more rested in the mornings now. I really enjoy each story I hear and everything that goes into this podcast

New favourite sleep podcast

I absolutely love these podcasts. Erik has a very calming energy and I feel like the bedtime stories are healing my inner child while I sleep LOL. Thank you for taking the time to make the podcast, Erik!! I appreciate you. 🥰

Fall asleep fast

I truly believe Erik Ireland was born to be a storyteller. His soft, deep voice comforts and relaxes you from the first word. I can assure you, you will enjoy a restful and deep sleep.