Listen To Sleep - Free Bedtime Stories & Meditations

What a soothing way to end the day

I have been listening to podcasts at bedtime to help me sleep since 2007 and am so grateful that we finally have a wonderful complement of shows that are designed specifically for that. (I had found shows that had a single narrator, regardless of topic, just to have the same voice lull me to sleep.)

Over the last two years, I have tried at least ten different podcasts and have narrowed my financial support to the very best. Erik made the cut, with his soothing voice, genuine love of providing this wonderful service to his listeners, and his openness is sharing his life on the mountain.

My only side comment is that I would love if Erik would split his show into two - one just for the sleep time stores and the other for the meditations. I feel they serve two distinct purposes and when I go to sleep, I just let my podcasts play all night. I have to skip the meditations when I wake up because they don’t work th same magic for me. That said, I understand the costs of maintaining two separate podcasts could be prohibitive. So, I’m grateful for what we have.

Please keep up the good work Erik and if I ever create my own podcast, you’ll be the first one to know!


Aug. 27, 2022 by PedestalGirl on Apple Podcasts

Listen To Sleep - Free Bedtime Stories & Meditations