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Awesome 🙏

I loved it, felt like I was floating on a cloud. Erik’s voice will relax you immediately,. Sleep tight, or if you choose to listen to the meditation In the morning, what a wonderful way to start the day 🙏 Namaste❤️

all around good vibes

i found erik via tiktok and i am so glad i did because i have trouble sleeping but he helps! he talks to me like a friend and its nice. my personal favorites are the velveteen rabbit and the cat that walked by himself.


This podcast has really helped me out. I can finally sleep. Erik voice is really calming. This reminds me of my childhood for some reason which I love. Thank you Erik for making this podcast. I RECOMMENDED READING!!!!

Thank you

I tried several different sleep podcasts but didn't like the way they told the story, or their voices. I was having problems sleeping and I would normally fall asleep watching TV, which upset my husband some nights. I came across your podcast and instantly new it was the one for me. You have a relaxing voice and I also like the way you tell them. Great selections. Thank you Grace

Hi Erik

Hi Erik, I am 12 years old and a daily listener of your podcast and I really look up to you. Your podcast is my comfort and helps me to sleep at night

Very enjoyable

Whether you just enjoy curling up with a story or love hearing a soothing voice help you relax and sleep, you will love this podcast. Bodi is pretty darn cute so the puppy is a bonus.

best way to fall asleep

i usually need something to help fall asleep to at night, and most of the time i can’t find the right thing. i just found this podcast and i’m very happy i did!! the stories are very comforting and help me sleep. 10/10

None compare

I have loved this podcast for a long while now. Eric has changed my sleep routine for the better and I have never heard a podcast that gives me even a little amount of the calm and comfort that Listen to Sleep gives me. Not only are his stories so personal and lovely that they make you feel like you're calling with a dear friend, his voice is just wonderful. The kindness is heard in every word. Plus, the recent new meditation episode was amazing and might be my new favorite thing, I slept in about 5 minutes and woke up feeling so rested. Much love!

A godsend

I’ve had a change in a medication I take and where I used to sleep soundly all night (I never took it for granted How lucky I was), I now will lay awake for hours as I wake multiple times in the night. I’m sensitive audibly to voices, but this podcast is so soothing and his voice is the perfect pitch, timbre, and speed to help me drift back to sleep quite quickly. Thank you for what you do!! Highly highly recommended!

My Favourite Podcast

For quite some time i’ve struggled with racing thoughts at night. But with this podcast i can finally relax and listen to an interesting story in a sleepy and peaceful voice. Saved my sleep during University Finals !!

Spotify listener that listens eeevvverrry night

Amazing podcast. Love the small preview of Eric's week in the beginning of every episode. Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to listen to the end of every story,as I fall asleep. Can't wait for more stories. Today I am re-listening to The Velveteen rabbit. An all time favourite.

Best Sleep Podcast

As someone with major anxiety, I have tried almost every sleep podcast I could find, and this one is in my opinion the best. The stories are engaging enough to keep my worried mind occupied, and the reading is so soothing that I can almost never make it to the the end of an episode before falling asleep. The whole podcast is so wholesome. You can really tell Erik Ireland loves what they are doing, and that makes all the difference.

Give it a go!

I’m happy that I’ve stumbled across this podcast. As someone with anxiety, staying asleep is hard work. Listen to Sleep usually has me back asleep in a matter of minutes. Definitely worth checking out!


Please make more episodes to listen to I have listened to all of the episodes and I love it 😻 more more more!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥰😍😍😁😁😁😍🥰😍🥰😛😎😎

Favorite to listen to

I love to listen to all the podcasts on Spotify and I enjoy listening to them even if that means my condition (narcolepsy) had acted up bad throughout the day

The end ???

Although the stories are told in a wonderfull way, I never hear the end ....ZZZZZZZZZ

Soothing Voice Reading Relaxing Stories

I have been using Listen to Sleep for several months now to help me sleep. I've never had an issue with falling asleep ... and then the pandemic hit, and so did my sleeplessness. Erik with Listen to Sleep has been a godsend to me and my sleep ... I am so grateful I found his podcast and enjoy a good sleep most every night now! Thank you Erik!

Simply Wonderful

This podcast was recommended to me by my son, who likes to listen to the stories with his young daughter. I gave it a try one night and was instantly hooked. If I fall asleep before the story ends, I just listen to it again. When I do make it to the end of the story, shutting my eyes and falling fast asleep is easy. I highly recommend this podcast.

Erik’s bedtime stories have improved my life.

I am so thankful I found Listen To Sleep. I love Erik’s gentle voice, the stories he chooses, the cadence and tone of his reading, and the fact that he’s genuinely interested in my well-being and sleep. I rarely get past the first little bit of the story before falling asleep. If I wake up during the night, I’ll replay the story and fall asleep right away again. I’m grateful Erik shares his time and talent with the world and I’m happy to support him via Patreon. Thank you, Erik. You’ve helped this troubled sleeper learn how to rest and dream again. ❤️


I found this beautiful soul on TikTok. His voice is so soothing. I love listing to calm down and relax and of course, sleep :)

Great way to fall asleep

Thank you… my children and I enjoy listening to the various stories as part of our bed time routine. We recommend it to all our family and friends

Best podcast

This is both the best sleep podcast and the best overall podcast, Eric is just so sweet and makes my day when I hear about what happens up at the cabin and his little adventures with Joe and Bodhi

I am so going to listen to this podcast forever

I love this podcast it’s so relaxing but also a little scary! My favorite episode is The yellow wallpaper😍😍


I’m always caught between falling asleep in 10 minutes or being too interested in the story to sleep but either way I feel so relaxed when I listen

Best podcast ever!

literally the best sleep podcast i’ve ever listen too!

Sue’s review

This has become my favourite bed time story podcast, I love his soothing voice, his little personal introductions at the beginning and how nicely I fall asleep every night.

Excellent voice, great stories

I used to struggle to fall asleep, my mind would race and anxiety was high. Often times not getting to sleep for hours. Ever since I have started listening I can actually get to sleep., fast! These have truly changed my life. Thank you so much for making these podcasts ❤️

So soothing

I’ve listened to many sleep story podcasts and yours is by far the best thank you so much you are amazing Erik!!


Thanks for your stories. I could listen to you read the phone directory really. Your voice is soothing & resonant. Love hearing the stories of where you live & the walks with your dog Bodhi. Warm greetings from South Australia. Go Well.

Thank you erik !

i need noise to fall asleep faster and having the tv on doesnt work well bc of how bright my tv is so this podcast is perfect because of how calm and relaxing his voice is, thank you erik!:)