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Excellent voice, great stories

I used to struggle to fall asleep, my mind would race and anxiety was high. Often times not getting to sleep for hours. Ever since I have started listening I can actually get to sleep., fast! These have truly changed my life. Thank you so much for making these podcasts ❤️

So soothing

I’ve listened to many sleep story podcasts and yours is by far the best thank you so much you are amazing Erik!!


Thanks for your stories. I could listen to you read the phone directory really. Your voice is soothing & resonant. Love hearing the stories of where you live & the walks with your dog Bodhi. Warm greetings from South Australia. Go Well.

Thank you erik !

i need noise to fall asleep faster and having the tv on doesnt work well bc of how bright my tv is so this podcast is perfect because of how calm and relaxing his voice is, thank you erik!:)

Best story teller in the business

Erik not only has the perfect voice for these stories, but his cadence and story selection is off the charts! You have allowed me to sleep a few hours at a time with a newborn. That is truly priceless.

Ive fallen in love with this podcast!

it's helped put me to sleep since i gave up scrolling through social media before bed. so calming!

Best sleep aid ever

When I wake up and cannot fall back to sleep Eric's soothing voice and storytelling works every time. I fall into a deep sleep and wake refreshed.

Great podcast

I love how Erik tells the stories. Calm voice and great background calm music that puts me to sleep in no time.

The best podcast for sleep ever!

I love this podcast so much! It’s not only making falling asleep so effortless for me but it’s brought back so many bittersweet memories through the stories! Thank you so much for this podcast!

Best Podcast Ever

This podcast is so nice :) Helps my fall asleep or just calm myself down when I need it!


This is the first bedtime stories podcast I’ve found that wasn’t narrated by someone with an obnoxious voice and that is actually CALM from start to finish. It’s my children's favorite part of our bedtime routine, and i love the variety of stories and the exposure to new words. Love love love✨

Best sleep podcast ever :)

I love this podcast:) it allows me to turn off mental chatting and I feel relaxed. I've tried a lot of different apps, podcast and soundings to help me sleep, but this is by far the best. I've tried headspace, brain fm and calm, but I always get "stuck" because there is no new content and I get "board" and I stop actually listening. But this is something else. Listen to sleep is the best way end and let go of the day:)

Wonderful sleep aid

I found Erik Ireland by chance on TikTok. He had a lovely video of him and his dog finding some red belly newts. It felt like hiking with a friend. I was delighted to find out he has a sleep podcast! He has such a naturally soothing voice and I absolutely love his calming and charming demeanor. I have recommended this show to all my family and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed sleep aids like the Calm app. Thank you for a lovely podcast, Erik!

Lovely podcast

It’s so comforting and has helped me feel peaceful as I drift off to sleep

My Go To!!!

I love listening to his voice as I fall asleep. I usually don’t get far in the story because it’s so relaxing! Thanks for your hard work, Erik!

There should be a 10-star rating

This podcast is incredible and magical. I have trouble sleeping and this podcast it’s the only thing that can help me sleep and I listen to it every night. I love the variety of stories, the ambience sounds and music, and the collaborations with artists! Plus, Erik is and amazingly inspiring soul with a beautiful voice and a huge heart. I can’t wait to listen the next story!

Listen to it every night

This is a very good podcast I really like this podcast the stores are so peaceful I decided to send an email to Erik and he wrote me back within a day which shows how devoted he is to this podcast. My favorite story’s that Erik does are the Norse and the Japanese.

Love this podcast

This is such a great podcast to help me wind down and gently doze off. One of the best I’ve found - thank you xx

Glad I found this podcast!

I searched around for a while to find a sleep podcast and once I heard yours I was hooked! Don’t listen to any others as most voices are annoying 🤣 but you have such a soothing voice. Love your personal stories especially about Bodi and Ninja.😄

Works for me totally

Good stories, well read. Thank you Erik

A blessing for sleep.

Please never stop!!! You’re saving my body and mind. Thank you.

Lovely podcast

Hey! My name is Livia and i really enjoy the bedtime stories. I feel like they have helped me get to sleep faster. What i like about how your podcast is the way you structure them. I like that you have a longer intro where you talk about your blog and thank the people who joined the Patreon! And i also think the breathing exercise is very lovely. Thank you for the joy you bring me when i listen to the stories.

It's a Dream listening to your Podcast!!!!

I go to Sleep Every Single Night listening to you, your Voice is Amazing, So Calmly and Relaxing, I drift off Every Night.... 😴💤🛏 Thank you 😊

Great storytelling and content

Great soothing voice. Definitely helps calm the mind. I love all the old stories from around the world from my childhood days. I don’t usually make it through one story and wake up 10 in then have to go back the next night😂.

🤩 Amazing & Thank you

I rarely review anything, but this podcast is amazing! I have enjoyed every episode and I also love the intro, hearing about the mountains, the creek, the wildlife etc. Thankyou so much for doing this podcast. I suffer with anxiety & depression (and possibly undiagnosed ADHD), so falling asleep is hard. This podcast has helped calm my mind down so much before bed, and I’m forever grateful ❤️

Bedtime Stories

Erik’s voice is so soothing! He is a wonderful story teller. It’s like Grandpa reading you a bedtime story.

The best podcast

So I have to sleep with bg noise and this helps me so much. Also on the newest stories it’s title is ib and little Christina, my name is Christina. Anyway so soothing

You somehow make insomnia not unbearable

I know that sounds a little dramatic. Fact is that I’ve had insomnia since I turned teen and have now spent 2 decades chasing this mythical thing called a good night’s sleep. All of the different things I listen to (movies, songs, stories, meditations etc) are in a lottery of what will win that night to get me to sleep. There are sooo many ways you can listen to a story these days, trust me, I’m pretty much an expert. But for me, now I only listen to Erik for sleep stories if that’s what my brain wants that night. He makes me feel calm and safe, and his voice is such a delight to listen to. I usually find myself getting agitated when I’m not asleep after hours of lying in bed, frustrated that I’m going to be exhausted again tomorrow. But somehow, Erik’s story telling doesn’t make me feel that way. Only his! He’s special, I’ll tell you that. I can lay there listening, and because I feel calm and warm and comfortable, my body and mind are resting, and I’m genuinely enjoying a beautiful story told so wonderfully that I’m actual content even if I’m not dozing off as quickly as I’d like. If I have to be laying awake, unable to fall asleep, I want to be laying awake listening to Erik tell me a story.

Just Dreamy

I have just recently discovered your podcast , and I absolutely love it ! Your calming words from your cabin are just what I need to relax and fall asleep! My favorite part is the beginning when you talk about the nature experiences you have . I love that you share your personal stories . I could listen to you talk about your life at the cabin for hours ! Thank you for sharing yourself and your voice ! I really appreciate you and all you do to help me sleep !