July 13, 2022

July Newsletter - Tuning in to the rhythms of nature & counting backwards for sleep

July Newsletter - Tuning in to the rhythms of nature & counting backwards for sleep

Do we have seasonal rhythms?

It’s summer on the mountain, and life here is pretty much in sync with the sun. Both it and I rise around 6 am. It sets around 9 and I’m never too far behind. :)

Bodhi and I try to head out for our daily walk in the morning when the temperatures are still cool. During the hottest part of the day, we usually take a break from work and head down to cool off at the swimming hole.

Spending some time outside every day reconnects me to the earth, and following nature's rhythms so closely in the summer reminds me that I am a part of it.

Does your schedule change with the seasons, and what's your favorite way to connect with nature? If you'd like to reply to this email, I’d love to know.

Here’s something that brings me peace.

Ten years ago, I listened to The Power of Now audiobook by Eckhart Tolle for the first time. It’s a powerful set of teachings on mindfulness, moving through fear, and finding the indestructible essence of our being.

My favorite place to listen is in the car when I’m driving or sometimes when Bodhi and I are on a quiet morning walk. I know, it’s not very mindful to be listening to a book while walking in nature, but I like how it feels as though Eckhart is right there chatting with me.

Right now, I’m almost done listening to it for the third time. I can’t recommend it enough.

Here’s something to help you sleep.

Have you ever tried counting sheep to fall asleep? Back in the 90s, I went to a hypnotist who would count backwards to help me relax at the beginning of a session. Back then, on nights that I couldn't sleep, I would just start counting backwards from 100 to zero, and it often did the trick.

These days, I usually just bring my attention to the breath and count each out breath backwards from 10 to zero. I breathe in and then out and silently count "ten." Then I do it again and count "nine" and so on. I start over again at ten until I feel drowsy, and it usually works really well for me.

I included it in a recent meditation called "Who am I?". Have you ever tried it and does it work for you?

Here’s something I made.

Come join Bodhi and me for a few minutes of peace down by the creek. Last week, we made a video of one of our afternoon outings to the swimming hole and posted it on our YouTube channel.

Bodhi at the swimming hole

Sleep well.💜



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