Stories from the mountain.

In my monthly newsletter, I share stories about the things I've learned living here on the mountain along with with tips to help you get a better night's sleep and more peace during the day. You can subscribe via the form on this page. (Scroll down to the bottom on mobile.)
August Newsletter - Embracing resistance and then letting it go while you sleep

How can we embrace resistance? This month’s story is a bit longer than usual, and a bit more personal, but I want to share something with you that’s spurred some deep transformation for me, because it’s something I think a lot us …

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July Newsletter - Tuning in to the rhythms of nature & counting backwards for sleep

Do we have seasonal rhythms? It’s summer on the mountain, and life here is pretty much in sync with the sun. Both it and I rise around 6 am. It sets around 9 and I’m never too far behind. :) Bodhi and I try to head out for our daily wa…

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June Newsletter - How to deal with setbacks & using mindfulness for better sleep

How do you deal with setbacks?  ​We all have times in life where things don’t go the way we hoped or planned. I remember the first year my sleep podcast listenership took a dip in May, I got a little anxious wondering what I was doing …

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