The free bedtime story library.

March 11, 2021

#100 - Bartleby The Scrivener - Full Story - Bonus Episode

Herman Melville's slow, quiet classic read in full: all 2 hours and 18 sleepy minutes of it.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Bonus

January 11, 2021

#91 - Article of Impeachment - Bonus Episode

The US House of Representatives January 10, 2021 Article of Impeachment, read as a bedtime story.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction

December 23, 2020

#87 - Guest Artist Erik Braa - The Gift of the Magi - Bonus Episode

A holiday classic beautifully read by actor Erik Braa.

Under 30 Min. Fiction Bonus Guest Artist

November 03, 2020

#79 - Guest Artist Kyle Field - Hansel And Grethel - Bonus Episode

A Brothers Grimm classic read by Kyle Field from the band Little Wings.

Under 30 Min. Fairy Tale Bonus Guest Artist

October 07, 2020

#74 - Sleep Meditation - Relax Into Sleep - Bonus Episode

The first in a series of guided sleep meditations.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Sleep Meditation

August 11, 2020

#65 - Guest Artist Zoé Brown - Master Cornille's Secret - Bonus Episode

Zoé Brown is the guest artist on this bonus episode, reading a touching French story about a miller and the secret he keeps locked away in his windmill.

Under 30 Min. Fiction Bonus Guest Artist

June 24, 2020

#57 - Guest Artist - Squalloscope - The Story Of The Year - Bonus Episode

Anna Kohlweis, an artist who makes music as Squalloscope, gives a beautiful reading of Hans Christian Andersen's The Story Of The Year.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Fairy Tale Bonus Guest Artist

May 26, 2020

#52 - Guest Artist - Andy The Doorbum - Prometheus And Pandora - Bonus Episode

An ancient myth read by Andy Fenstermaker, who makes music and poetry as Andy The Doorbum.

Under 30 Min. Fiction Fairy Tale Bonus Guest Artist

April 02, 2020

#43 - Nature & Music - Brookside Meditation - Bonus Episode

This bonus episode has no story, only binaural nature sounds I recorded here at my cabin mixed with relaxing music.

Over 30 Min. Bonus Extended / Nature Sounds Sleep Meditation

October 29, 2019

#20 - Lt. Col. Vindman's Statement To US House Committees 10-29-19 - Bonus Episode

A little something different... the opening statement made by Lt. Col. Vindman to the US House Committees during a closed-door session but as a bedtime story.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction

October 28, 2019

#19 - Ambassador Taylor's Statement To US House Intel Committee 10-22-19 - Bonus Episode

The opening statement made by US Ambassador William B. Taylor to the US House Intelligence Committee. But read as a bedtime story.

Over 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction

September 29, 2019

#14 - The Whistleblower Complaint - Bonus Episode

A special bonus episode to keep you informed as you drift off to sleep, The Whistleblower Complaint by The Whistleblower, but read as a bedtime story.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction