May 26, 2020

#52 - Guest Artist - Andy The Doorbum - Prometheus And Pandora - Bonus Episode

An ancient myth read by Andy Fenstermaker, who makes music and poetry as Andy The Doorbum.

Over the past few months, I reached out to some artists whose work I love and respect to ask them if they would be interested in reading to you. This bonus episode is read by Andy Fenstermaker, who makes music and poetry as Andy The Doorbum. He is full of heart and not afraid to dive into the darkness to shine a light or simply sit and wait for the sun to return. 

During the past few months of quarantine here in California, he put together a haunting and beautiful album of covers as a tribute to the music of some of his good friends. It's called Even When The Cat Comes and it's available for free at I love it, and I hope you do too. Andy reads Prometheus and Pandora. It's a classic tale with some very dark and real moments. Like some of the other stories I read here, it may not be suitable for small children, but if you like a bit of darkness as you nod off, you're going to love this. Andy also composed and played the music in this episode. 

If you’d like to read it yourself, you can download the story for free at

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