Sept. 14, 2022

September Newsletter - Living with uncertainty & accepting what's present

September Newsletter - Living with uncertainty & accepting what's present

How do we live with uncertainty?

Summer and autumn are fire seasons here on the mountain and that means that we live with the near constant threat of wildfire. Would I rather that we didn't? Absolutely, but not enough to leave this beautiful place we call home.

Instead, I use it to remind myself of my own helplessness. This might sound fatalistic or just plain idiotic, but hear me out.

It's easy to spend a lot of time thinking we have a lot of time, planning for the future, trying not to regret the past. I'm finding that if I instead remind myself that my physical body is indeed helpless and that I don't know which day will be my last, it brings me closer to surrendering my attempts at controlling the world around me.

The Stoics first practiced a version of this thousands of years ago.

Memento mori, Latin for "remember that you have to die," is the mantra I'm using to propel my attention toward the timeless and ineffable experience of who and what I am now. I'm using it to set my inner world on fire to get in touch with the boundlessness of my true nature now.

Uncertainty is certain in the physical world, but maybe we can use that to our advantage. I'm curious, what do you think? Hit reply and let me know.

Here’s something that brings me peace.

These realizations about uncertainty have been kindled by a book I read last month called Awake: It's Your Turn by Angelo Dilullo.

When Angelo was 24, after years of intense internal suffering and an intuition that something about the way we interact with our thoughts was causing this unnecessary suffering, he had a fundamental shift in the way he experiences reality. It also became so clear to him that any human being who has a genuine yearning to wake up to their true nature has the capacity to live a life of non-separation.

His book is a combination of practical advice for travelers on this pathless path, practice pointers and inquiry tips, and direct pointing transmission through language, much like what he does on his YouTube channel.

Here’s something to help you sleep.

Angelo created a meditation for the podcast called "Just This." It's a calming practice bringing a nonjudgemental approach to our current experience.

It's episode #217 of Listen To Sleep and you can find it on or wherever you get your podcasts.

Here’s something I made.

Well, I might as well make this the "Angelo Dilullo Edition" of the newsletter... :)

I was fortunate enough to get to spend an hour chatting with Angelo last week about surrender, awakening and the hero's journey. It was a fascinating conversation that's got me thinking I'd like to start a second podcast interviewing folks about how they navigate life.

You can find it on my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it.

Sleep well.💜



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