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When In Search of Relaxation

I stumbled upon this podcast when searching for something to use to help me sleep. I've listed to the music themed; the nature themed and even others that read you stories to help relax you and lull you into slumber. To be honest, Erik has such a sleep engaging voice. That I never really get to hear the full story - unless of course I wake up at 5 AM and it's still streaming and then I get to hear one of the stories in full. I find the stories interesting enough to peak my interest and his voice soothing enough as to help put me into a space of quiet and eventually into a gentle slumber. I recommend this podcast.

From Panic Attacks to Sweet Dreams

My life was significantly improved when I found Listen to Sleep 2 months ago. I used to have terrible nightmares and would wake up for several hours in the night. However since listening to this app I can calm myself so quickly and fall asleep feeling safe and at ease. I am so grateful for this podcast and look forward to resting every night now! Thank you Erik.

Love the stories

Eric's Soothing and calming voice makes it so easy to sink into relaxation and fall asleep. I love his stories but rarely hear the end of them before I'm fast asleep.

Such a great podcast

I have always struggled with sleeping, I need some sort of background noise or my mind will just race for hours. I stumbled upon this podcast and it has been the best thing ever! It relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. I would definitely recommend!

Soothing voice

Just the right story teller to help me relax and go to dream land.

Thank you!

My husband and I listen to this podcast every night. It really helps calm us before bed. Thank you Eric!

What I’ve Been Searching For!

I’m in a very distressed chapter of my life and trying to sleep can be daunting. I have been searching for the voice and the content that really lets my mind let go and rest. When I found Listen To Sleep, I instantly knew I’d found what I’d been searching for! I love the stories and I love the sound of Erik’s voice! I can feel all the love he puts into it as well. I’m SO grateful to have found you!!!

Erik is like family to me

When I was little, my dad used to read me bedtime stories, or the famous stories about myself called "pretty little girl" lol. Erik's voice is so soothing and so sweet, just hearing him talk you know hes a kind, loving person who would hug you if you asked for one, and it would be an amazing hug. I'm low key sad he isnt my real friend but the stories feel like he is reading just to me and we are spending time together. He also gave me the free patreon because I'm disabled and dont have a job. Erik is amazing and we are all privileged to have such a generous man who will read us to sleep. Love u forever erik

Absolutely love this podcast

I’ve listened to a few sleep podcasts trying to find one that suits me and I just happened to find Listen To Sleep and haven’t looked back! It’s so soothing and calming, Erik’s voice is music to my ears and I fall asleep so quickly. I really appreciate the types of stories that are read out as well, they are all interesting and I’ve listened to some multiple times as I’d like to hear how they end but never manage to make it that far as I fall asleep! Can’t recommend this podcast enough!


I have bad OCD, I kinda spent all night worrying or focusing on something unimportant and couldn't sleep, I listened to sleep sounds and tried everything, nothing worked, so this podcast is awesome, I always get to sleep in minutes and I love it

Great Sleep Listening

This podcast has gray content with a soothing voice to help you drift off to bed with out even realizing it. Highly recommend!

Best Sleepy Podcast Ever!!

I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago. His voice instantly soothed me & helped me relax. I’m usually asleep about 15minutes into him reading.

Very soothing

I am very picky when it comes to narrators but Erik's voice is perfect for sleep stories. Very calming yet still very interesting.

Helps me sleep

It helps me quiet my mind so I can fall asleep better after listening to the podcast

My new favorite bedtime podcast!

erik has an incredible voice that is so soothing to listen to and his story telling is very relaxing. he genuinely cares about his listeners and it truly shows in his episodes. thank you, erik for all of your hard work!

Highly Recommend

I have tried several different podcasts to help me fall asleep and this one takes the cake! Erik does such a good job at reading the stories and his soothing voice allows me to gently drift off to sleep in no time. I recommend this podcast to all my friends and family.

Love ist!

No more night without my beloved sleep stories - thank you so much Erik!

Unbelievably good

Thank you so much for the lovely stories - I can finally fall asleep again! Best sleeping podcast out there - by far!

I love this podcast!!!

This is one of the best sleep podcasts. Eric has a soothing voice that will put you right to sleep! As well Eric cares about his listeners he personally thanks anyone who joins his premium content. As well Eric is doing this to help support his retirement which is the sweetest thing. Eric chooses a good variety of stories and his adds are never overly lengthy. I could not suggest this podcast enough!!!!

My dream come true

Erik has the perfect voice for telling stories to help you sleep. I've been listening to him for several months now and can't recommend his podcast highly enough. It's been a complete game changer for me. Thanks Erik!


I discovered this podcast while looking for bedtime stories for adults and I’ve not looked back!! Such great and unusual stories and the most relaxing voice I’ve ever come across. I can’t recommend this enough


Helps me sleep every night 🤎

New but Hooked

I just found this last week, but I'm already loving it so much! I've used it the last several nights and slept super well! Not only is it relaxing, but Eric is a very engaging reader. This has been a wonderful find!


As in the title, perfect.

The Perfect Way to Fall Asleep

I listen to this podcast when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Most of the time, I just start listening and at some point fall asleep with the stories just continuing to play on shuffle. If I wake up again, Eric's warm voice is there to sooth me back to sleep. Several of the episodes (e.g., The Californian's Tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses) are so engaging that I sometimes stay awake to hear the whole story but then quickly drift off as the next story begins.

The best way to fall asleep

Thank you so much Erik - your wonderful calming voice and your great stories finally brought back a good night’s sleep. I wonder if I’ll ever make it to the end of even one of the stories. Please keep the stories coming :)

Voice like Butter

I’m suffering from pregnancy insomnia and I’m actually enjoying the time awake by listening to Erik’s stories. I really look forward to listening. He has such a relaxing voice and seems like a really nice guy too :)

Helped my sleeping issues

I had been looking for a bedtime stories podcast, or anything really, for ages. Then I found Erik his podcast and it was the most soothing thing. Not only are the stories just entertaining enough, his voice is very soothing as well. I have had some trouble getting to sleep since the corona crisis hit. This podcast has helped me so much. It's like being a kid again and my dad reading me a bedtime story. Thank you!

perfectly distracting and comforting, works every night

I rely on sleep podcasts to help me fall asleep every night, and this is definitely my favorite one. As a combination of ADD and an anxiety disorder make it their job to try to keep me awake most nights, the engaging and soothing way Erik reads these stories is incredibly effective in keeping my racing thoughts from interfering with my sleep. I really appreciate the heart and effort that he puts into each episode, and I’d really love to see support for this podcast grow. 💕

My Dream Podcast

My favorite way to fall asleep is to have someone read me a bedtime story. Usually I enlist my husband for this task but he often taps out before I’m totally asleep. I have tried a few other podcasts/ story telling channels but Erik’s Listen To Sleep has literally changed my life. In the beginning I would have to listen to a few episodes before I was really asleep, but now my anxious brain hears Erik and his calming, kind voice, and settles in for the night almost immediately. If you need vivid imagery, it’s here. Calming voice and nature sounds, it’s here. Stories that are sleepy but interesting enough to engage a heavy head, it’s Listen To Sleep. Thank you Erik for reading to us.