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Helps me sleep every night 🤎

New but Hooked

I just found this last week, but I'm already loving it so much! I've used it the last several nights and slept super well! Not only is it relaxing, but Eric is a very engaging reader. This has been a wonderful find!


As in the title, perfect.

The Perfect Way to Fall Asleep

I listen to this podcast when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Most of the time, I just start listening and at some point fall asleep with the stories just continuing to play on shuffle. If I wake up again, Eric's warm voice is there to sooth me back to sleep. Several of the episodes (e.g., The Californian's Tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses) are so engaging that I sometimes stay awake to hear the whole story but then quickly drift off as the next story begins.

The best way to fall asleep

Thank you so much Erik - your wonderful calming voice and your great stories finally brought back a good night’s sleep. I wonder if I’ll ever make it to the end of even one of the stories. Please keep the stories coming :)

Voice like Butter

I’m suffering from pregnancy insomnia and I’m actually enjoying the time awake by listening to Erik’s stories. I really look forward to listening. He has such a relaxing voice and seems like a really nice guy too :)

Helped my sleeping issues

I had been looking for a bedtime stories podcast, or anything really, for ages. Then I found Erik his podcast and it was the most soothing thing. Not only are the stories just entertaining enough, his voice is very soothing as well. I have had some trouble getting to sleep since the corona crisis hit. This podcast has helped me so much. It's like being a kid again and my dad reading me a bedtime story. Thank you!

perfectly distracting and comforting, works every night

I rely on sleep podcasts to help me fall asleep every night, and this is definitely my favorite one. As a combination of ADD and an anxiety disorder make it their job to try to keep me awake most nights, the engaging and soothing way Erik reads these stories is incredibly effective in keeping my racing thoughts from interfering with my sleep. I really appreciate the heart and effort that he puts into each episode, and I’d really love to see support for this podcast grow. 💕

My Dream Podcast

My favorite way to fall asleep is to have someone read me a bedtime story. Usually I enlist my husband for this task but he often taps out before I’m totally asleep. I have tried a few other podcasts/ story telling channels but Erik’s Listen To Sleep has literally changed my life. In the beginning I would have to listen to a few episodes before I was really asleep, but now my anxious brain hears Erik and his calming, kind voice, and settles in for the night almost immediately. If you need vivid imagery, it’s here. Calming voice and nature sounds, it’s here. Stories that are sleepy but interesting enough to engage a heavy head, it’s Listen To Sleep. Thank you Erik for reading to us.

The best ever.

I love this podcast! When I need to wind down and put busy brain to rest, this is the best way to go. Soothing voice, a few deep breaths and a pleasant story send me off to a deep and peaceful sleep! Highly recommend!

Listen to sleep

Clear, sleep podcast I have found

Worked like a charm, was fast asleep in 10 minutes

My go to for when I have insomnia. I keep thinking I'll get to the end of the story but I'm always asleep by then. That said? Looking forward to more episodes I will hopefully finish in chunks separated by delicious bouts of sleep. (Addendum: It’s been several months now and I look forward to every episode.)

Love this sleep podcast

I have a subscription to Calm but recently found this one and really love the selection of stories as well as Eriks voice. Very Relaxing. I am back to falling asleep within the first 5 min!

The most soothing voice on the internet

Came across Erik’s podcast a few months ago when I was struggling to sleep due to stress, since then I haven’t been able to sleep with out him! His voice the most perfect balance between smooth and soulful. Thank you so much.

PTSD insomniac this saved me

I have severe PTSD one of my triggers is peoples voices because I was abused and traumatized by many people. So when I hear certain voices I go into a panic attack. I have certain parts of my mind that are still child like so stories help that have to be fairytale like. I tried so many sleep story apps and podcasts as well as a few audiobooks but all of then somehow triggered me. Then I found this one! See sometimes I go days without sleeping well so on my 2nd night of no sleep one time I found this podcast. And it changed my life. His voice feels like the voice of a Grandfather that protects his Grandchildren for some reason that’s the feeling I get listening. With in 10 min of my first story “The Green Knight” I slept the best I have in years and no night terrors. I know there are people out there like me and I hope they find this podcast. Thank you Erik Ireland for making me feel safe so my brain will give me some peace.

Absolutely Amazing.

My therapist told me to listen to sleep podcasts as i fall asleep to help with my insomnia. And i had listened to a few but none of them were quite like this one!! Eriks voice is so calming and i love when he talks about his cabin, or adds calming sounds that he records himself! i can just tell by his voice that he has a kind heart and he genuinely enjoys making episodes:) Im a huge fan!!

The best sleep podcast I've found

I've had a bad sleep schedule for years and early morning shifts, which means I was barely sleeping. I can never seem to turn off my brain. I discovered sleep podcasts a few months back, and Listen to Sleep is the best one! Erik seems like a really nice guy and he has a very relaxing tone which is perfect for the stories he tells. Listen to Sleep gets straight to the point - there's no messing around, just a focus on getting to getting a good rest. Thanks Erik!

Soothing and Wonderful

I just found this podcast a few nights ago and I’m in love. I have PTSD and that comes with long, restless nights that are usually filled with night terrors. But, the past two nights I’ve found this podcast to soothe me. The stories are great and you can feel the wholesomeness and love as Erik’s words lull you to sleep. Try it out, you’ll love it.

very soothing and relaxing

I have found that falling asleep to a calm story is so soothing. Erik's voice creates peace and he doesn't have any loud ads or music like some other sleep podcasts. Love it!

YOU Must Try!

I have a Calm subscription, because I can't fall asleep without a story. I have also tried basically every sleep podcast there is out there. This is by far my favorite and it is free! Erik has the most soothing voice and I love the content he chooses. He also sounds like a really great person and I love his dream to be a story teller. My favorite topics are usually non- fiction, so if I could make a suggestion it would be to try some stories about history (e.g. the French Revolution), science (e.g. photosynthesis) etc (e.g. how to make pasta?).

Amazing way to quiet a busy mind

Love listening to the variety of stories. Eriks voice is soft and comforting and helps to quiet a busy mind. Thank you

The voice thats my help!

Your voice helps me shut my brain off and transcend to the other side at night You are amazing !

Like the voice of your favorite teacher reading to you

The content is a refreshing antidote to the news of the world. He brings you a little bit of his life and nature and then lulls you to sleep.

Erik's consistently flawless delivery keeps me coming back night after night.

I am newly addicted to Erik's (my now favourite) podcast, having only discovered "Listen to Sleep" a month or so ago. I was immediately drawn in by his beautifully soothing voice. The calm, smooth pace and timing of his delivery are flawless. He manages to vividly portray the emotions of the characters and tone of the stories without taking away from the relaxing purpose of his tales. I absolutely love his choice of material as well. He doesn't choose only well known, popular tales, but also more obscure ones and ones with a vital message. My personal favourite example of the latter is his rendering of "Bartleby the Scrivener", a profound monologue layered with depth and meaning, inciting deep and honest introspection. I became a Patreon supporter (of "Listen to Sleep") after two nights of listening to Erik's podcast. Though not out of necessity, as would be the case with the majority of podcasts (to be rid of irritating introductions and advertisements - for his introductions are in the same tone as the stories, and he is not overly delayed in getting to the story); but out of desire to support, in my own very small way, someone who has a positive impact on my life. I sincerely hope others choose to become supporters as well, and get him one step closer to his retirement dream. He has, in me, found a lifetime supporter and fan.

My guaranteed sleep:)

I found Listen To Sleep through the Stitcher App . I had been using white noise and that just became monotonous. Erik’s voice and the sweet stories calm my mind and I am out as if I’d taken an ambien. No medicine and a beautiful way to go to sleep . This year he has given me calm good nights. Give him a listen.

A Great Show!

The Listen to Sleep Podcast is a great podcast to help you sleep! The host tells stories as well as helps with meditation! The sound effects are great! I definitely recommend taking a listen!

Great podcast to relax you for sleep

Eric has a great voice and is enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended

I only started listening to podcasts to help me sleep about 6 months ago. This is, hands down, the absolute best ever! Erik has a soothing voice and great stories. I usually fall asleep within 5 minutes and often feel compelled to listen to the rest the next night so I can finish the story!

Seriously the best podcast for helping you to sleep. We listen every night now. Been doing it for 3months now and couldn't be happier.

Very relaxing!

My new favorite sleepy time podcast! Thank you! This truly does help me get to sleep—I’m guilty of “mind jogging” at night and have a hard time shutting down. This has really helped me!