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August 29, 2021

#125 - Solitude

From Thoreau's Walden, a story about life in the country and the importance of solitude.

Over 30 Min. Nonfiction

August 15, 2021

#123 - Summer By The Creek

Sleepy musings on summer & nature by Walt Whitman in an extended episode recorded outside on a summer evening.

Over 30 Min. Extended / Nature Sounds Nonfiction

June 06, 2021

#113 - Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

A beautiful story from Thoreau's Walden that was an inspiration for my life in the mountains.

Over 30 Min. Nonfiction

January 11, 2021

#91 - Article of Impeachment - Bonus Episode

The US House of Representatives January 10, 2021 Article of Impeachment, read as a bedtime story.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction

June 06, 2020

#54 - My Escape From Slavery

Frederick Douglass’s classic essay, My Escape From Slavery

Over 30 Min. Nonfiction

October 29, 2019

#20 - Lt. Col. Vindman's Statement To US House Committees 10-29-19 - Bonus Episode

A little something different... the opening statement made by Lt. Col. Vindman to the US House Committees during a closed-door session but as a bedtime story.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction

October 28, 2019

#19 - Ambassador Taylor's Statement To US House Intel Committee 10-22-19 - Bonus Episode

The opening statement made by US Ambassador William B. Taylor to the US House Intelligence Committee. But read as a bedtime story.

Over 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction

September 29, 2019

#14 - The Whistleblower Complaint - Bonus Episode

A special bonus episode to keep you informed as you drift off to sleep, The Whistleblower Complaint by The Whistleblower, but read as a bedtime story.

Under 30 Min. Bonus Nonfiction