March 8, 2021



About a year ago, I decided that I was going to grow my hair out. At first, I felt like it needed a reason, like "I'm growing it until I can get a vaccine." Then, somewhere along the way, I just started saying that I wanted to be a wizard.

These days I've definitely got wizard hair, a big wizard beard, and even a wizard costume I got for my birthday this year. (Thanks Joe!) I've also started describing myself as a wizard because it embodies the spirit of how I feel. One part Gandalf and one part Pinball Wizard: "a person of skill or accomplishment." Someone who's been through some stuff and come out on the other side with new skills.

While I can claim some skill at acting and storytelling, I realized this year that my real accomplishments have been creating the stuff of my dreams. Like a podcast that helps folks all over the world fall asleep more easily. Like a family of friends who support each other's efforts. Like a cozy, warm mountain cabin for Joe, Bodhi, Ninja and me.

None of these accomplishments are mine alone, but they all started with a dream. And a little wizardry.