June 4, 2021

where i live and what i live for

where i live and what i live for

This was a difficult week for me. Some things I'd been working on didn't go as I'd hoped, and the weight of everything we've all been through these past 18 months just felt a bit crushing. It was hard to escape the frustration and sadness I was feeling.

Joe and I started a mindfulness class a few weeks ago, so I decided to practice some of what we'd learned to see if it might help me feel a little better. I started with a new morning routine; coffee and a walk with dogs instead of reading the news.

Walking with a cup of coffee slowed down my usual brisk pace and reminded me to stop and look at the beauty around me. Having Bodhi and Darla along, a friend's pup we're watching for a bit (that's her stopping to smell the flowers in the picture above) reminded me to stay in the present moment like they always do. The dogs, the sunrise and the cool mountain air filled with the fragrance of buckeye blossoms were like a tonic for my soul.

buckeye blossoms in morning light

Buckeye blossoms in the morning light

I was reminded of why I moved to the mountain in the first place, and how my dream of living in a cabin was kindled when I was growing up in New England and heard the story of Henry David Thoreau and his cabin on Walden Pond.

When I got home from the walk, I reread Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, and its prose and themes inspired me anew, so I decided to read it for this week's episode. I hope it inspires you too.