Feb. 10, 2021

when life's not all sunshine & rainbows

when life's not all sunshine & rainbows

This week wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for me. It was hard, for no particular reason and ALL of the reasons. I felt like I hit a wall of depression when I marked one year without seeing my parents. One year without any work in San Francisco. One year of mounting death tolls and an end that still seems somewhat out of sight. I know this will all change and that's the nature of life, but sometimes, it just piles on and it's hard to see the light.

I feel like it's important when it feels like life is mostly rain and drudgery to keep breathing through it, feel the feelings and let them pass. So that's what I've been doing.

Then, literally, the light shines through and makes a rainbow from all that rain.

It was a nice reminder.

Fun fact? Around these parts, this perfectly illustrates why they call the valley we live in Rainbow Valley, and it's not because there are a bunch of us gay folks who live down here. Although, it is a lovely coincidence.💖