Feb. 26, 2022

late winter mornings

late winter mornings

The end of February is late Winter here on the mountain. The buckeye trees are starting to leaf out, the first wild flowers are beginning to peak out of the brown oak leaves littering the the forest floor, but it's still frequently below freezing at night and the mornings are chilly.

It's like the mountain has one foot in Winter and one foot in Spring.

This year it's been a fertile time for me. I'm working on writing my first book, and maybe because I haven't left in months, the mountain seems to be giving up some of its secrets to me.

I'm finding a rhythm and flow to life that comes from within but echoes the nature around me; new ways of seeing informed by the timeless repeating cycles of the seasons.

late winter morning clouds

Enjoying these mornings with Bodhi makes them feel even more immediate and sacred. Come and join us for a walk.