Sept. 11, 2021

hints of autumn

hints of autumn

We had our first gentle rain of the season yesterday. I love the sound the raindrops make when they fall on roof of our yurt. The dry forest seemed to appreciate the respite from the heat, as it gave off the most beautiful scent for almost the entire day yesterday.

buckeye leaves in autumn
buckeye leaves in the morning light

Swimming in the creek is coming to an end for this year. The leaves are starting to turn, and this is the brownest season we have. Until the winter rains come and turn the mountain into a bright green rain forest.

maiden hair ferns in autumn
maiden hair ferns waiting for the rain

I took these pictures this morning to give you a look at it. I wish I could bottle the all the wonderful scents and share them with you too. :)

soap root plant seeds in autumn
soap root plant gone to seed


Here's a video I made this week in an attempt to share a bit of what it feels like to be on the mountain right now. This natural wonderland brings me so much peace and I want to share that with all of you.


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