Nov. 14, 2021

don't forget the magic

don't forget the magic

There's a barn along the road in town that has "Don't forget the magic" painted on the side in five foot tall letters. Ever since my first trip up here, I've tried to remember to take that advice to heart.

I grew up believing in all kinds of magic. It was New England, so the idea of real witches in the woods didn't seem too far fetched to a little kid who'd read about the Salem witch trials happening just an hour from my house.

I don't believe in witches in the woods anymore, but I try not to let go of the child in me who sees magic in the world. On my best days, it adds an extra shimmer to the beauty of life. On my worst days, it reminds me to look for the good.

This week I took a walk with Bodhi (and his little buddy Bandit who is staying with us for a bit) and we stopped by a couple of the 'fairy houses' here on the land.

a hole in a rock where the fairies live

One is a hole in a giant rock off the path to my friend's cabin. It's a fairy-sized cave just big enough to stick your hand into. Another is along the driveway at the base of an old oak.

I left a gift at each; a flicker feather I found on our walk for the wood fairies and a rock I found in creek for the stone fairies.

Have I ever seen them with my own eyes? No.

Do I believe fairies live here? I'm not sure.

Do I hope that they do? Absolutely.

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