June 19, 2021

creek days with best friends

creek days with best friends

Summer is my favorite season for having visitors up on the mountain. You can be outside almost all the time, and there's no shortage of fun and relaxing things to do, like floating away the afternoon down at the swimming hole.

I got to do that this week with Chris, one of my best friends and chief creative partner. You might remember his story from my first blog post. He's here visiting for a few weeks, and we're spending our time reconnecting and recharging. We've also got a fun card game we're making that should be coming out later this year or in 2022. It's a project we've been dreaming of for years and this was the year we finally started.

Almost all of my dreams involve other people, and for the last 17 years, Chris has been living them with me. I'm so happy to have him here and hope we get many more years to dream together.

Big thanks to Joe for taking the photo of Chris and me and for just being an all-round awesome fiancé.❤️