Let your favorites play as long as you like.

Some folks have told me they need longer stories to fall asleep, or they like to leave the stories playing so that they can more easily fall back to sleep if they wake up during the night. These playlists are for you.

They're made in Spotify, but you can re-create them in the Acast app by using the favorites list feature. You can also make your own playlists in Spotify by clicking on the three dots in the menu to the right of any episode and choosing "add to playlist." Unfortunately, there aren't any other apps I know of that can do this, so we're a bit limited for the time being.

You can listen right here to any of the playlists below if you're logged in to Spotify in your browser. There are two versions for each playlist; one from the free Listen To Sleep podcast (which include the ads and introductions) and another for Listen To Sleep Plus Subscribers (with nothing but the stories).

Get instant access to the Listen To Sleep Plus playlists when you join in Spotify. If you have questions, you can learn more here.


Viking Tales

The first playlist starts with the first Listen To Sleep episode ever and includes over 3 hours of Viking tales.

Free version & Plus version

Episode List

The Beginning of Things
How Odin Lost His Eye
Kvasir’s Blood
The Magic Apples
Skadi’s Choice
The Dwarf’s Gifts
Loki’s Children
The Quest For The Hammer