Listen To Sleep Plus

Longer books and more episodes.

I created Listen To Sleep Plus for all the folks who wanted a little something extra to help them fall asleep. It includes a second episode every Wednesday where I read 30 minutes to an hour of a longer book, serially.

Listen To Sleep Plus also includes a private feed of the back catalog, edited and remastered. It’s just the stories, so you can make playlists of the ones you love that can go on for as long as you like with no ads or introductions.

Because of your support, I've been able to add a weekly Thursday night sleep meditation that's free for everyone. Listen To Sleep Plus subscribers get a remastered version of this a day earlier without any ads or introduction, just the meditation. So that's three new episodes to help you sleep every week. :)

👇🏻 Here's the first episode of Peter Pan from the Wednesday night episodes if you want to hear what they're like.

Your subscription to Listen To Sleep Plus gives you 12 or more new episodes every month, including:

  • the regular Sunday night stories, ad-free and a day earlier
  • the Plus-exclusive Wednesday night stories, ad-free
  • the Thursday night sleep meditations, ad-free and a day earlier
  • access to the entire remastered back catalog of stories, ad-free
  • relaxing nature sounds I record around the cabin
  • my undying gratitude for allowing me to spend more of my time being your bedtime storyteller



Join Listen To Sleep Plus for $5/month.
Save 10% with a yearly subscription.


Subscribing is easy, only takes a couple clicks, and you can cancel anytime. There's no risk. If you subscribe and change your mind, just cancel anytime in the first month and I'll make sure you get a full refund.

For those of you who love the podcast but can't afford to support it financially, I don't ever want money to keep you from having anything that helps you sleep, so just email me at and I'll send you an rss link you can put in your favorite podcast app that will give you access to all of this for free.

We really are all in this together and I'd love your help to realize my dream of making the podcast even better and telling more stories to help more people get better sleep.

Thank you so much.💜


photo of Erik