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Over 30 Min. Poem

#236 - Gitanjali (Part One)

Nov. 20, 2022

Part one of Tagore's Nobel prize-winning book of poetry is the perfect thing to lift your heart as you drift off to sleep.

Over 30 Min. Fairy Tale Fiction Poem

#220 - The Moon's Garden Party

Sept. 25, 2022

A long, sleepy poem from a book of Australian fairy tales.

Under 30 Min. Fiction Poem

#6 - Goblin Market

Aug. 10, 2019

Goblin Market is a beautiful, weird, long poem by Christina Rossetti. It has a strange history and was supposedly written for children... Really? Google it if you want to know more.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Extended / Nature Sounds Poem

#6 - Goblin Market - Extended

Aug. 10, 2019

This is the extended version of Goblin Market, a beautiful and bizarre poem by Christina Rossetti with sounds I recorded at the creek behind my cabin in the background.