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October 17, 2021

#133 - Her First Ball

A sweet, sleepy story by Katherine Mansfield about a young country woman's outing to her first ball in the big city.

Over 30 Min. Fiction

October 10, 2021

#132 - The Talisman

A sleepy fairy tale pitting the power of a mother's loveĀ against a dark witch and her monsters.

Over 30 Min. Fairy Tale

October 03, 2021

#131 - The Werewolf

A sleepy (and not too creepy) werewolf romance for spooky season; think Romeo meets Mr. Hyde.

Over 30 Min. Fiction

September 26, 2021

#130 - Chess

A mystical tale about an old man living in the woods who builds a chess set that changes his life.

Over 30 Min. Fiction

September 21, 2021

#129 - Guest Artist Kristof Hajos - The Story of the Siren - Bonus Episode

A sleepy classic by E.M. Forster read by singer/songwriter Kristof Hajos.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Bonus Guest Artist

September 19, 2021

#128 - The Interval

A sleepy (not scary) ghost story about a woman's search for a message from her lost husband.

Over 30 Min. Fiction

September 12, 2021

#127 - Odin and the Wolf

A sleepy viking tale about Odin's search for wisdom and a magical wolf who would not be tamed.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Viking Tale

September 05, 2021

#126 - A Fairy's Blunder

A sleepy fairy tale about a good-hearted fairy who tries to help, but winds up making things a little worse first.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Fairy Tale

August 29, 2021

#125 - Solitude

From Thoreau's Walden, a story about life in the country and the importance of solitude.

Over 30 Min. Nonfiction

August 22, 2021

#124 - The Bat and Belfry Inn

A sleepy tale about a couple on a drive through the Welsh countryside who come upon a slightly bizarre but friendly inn.

Over 30 Min. Fiction

August 15, 2021

#123 - Summer By The Creek

Sleepy musings on summer & nature by Walt Whitman in an extended episode recorded outside on a summer evening.

Over 30 Min. Extended / Nature Sounds Nonfiction

August 08, 2021

#122 - The Velveteen Rabbit

The sleepy classic about a toy rabbit who becomes real.

Over 30 Min. Fiction

August 01, 2021

#121 - Thor's Visit To The Giants

A sleepy Viking tale where Thor and Loki try to best the king of the giants.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Viking Tale

July 25, 2021

#120 - The Magician's Horse

A sleepy fairy tale about a prince who gets lost in the woods and finds a new home on a magical horse.

Over 30 Min. Fiction Fairy Tale

July 11, 2021

#118 - The Manuscript

A great sleepy short story about a writer in Victorian Paris, with a supernatural twist.

Over 30 Min. Fiction