July 17, 2021

rattlesnakes in the grass

rattlesnakes in the grass

Some folks get a little nervous when they hear that we have rattlesnakes here on the mountain. Yes, they are venomous and can do some damage with their bites, but they are also a key predator for rodents, and especially the gophers who love to eat the veggies in our gardens whenever they can.

Much like the poison oak that grows everywhere, we've learned to respect these beautiful snakes and share the land with them. We don't ever kill them, but sometimes when one takes up residence a little too close to the house (and the dog and cats), we'll move it to a remote spot where it can hunt in peace.

Joe took a photo of this one that that seems to have moved in to our neighbor's garden. If it stays much longer, it may be time for a little snake wrangling and relocation.

I'll keep you posted. ;)