Sept. 19, 2021



Around here, nobody needs more cuddles than Ninja. If it isn't meal time, it's usually "Ninja time." He lets us know by rubbing himself against our shins until one of us picks him up and holds him like a baby. Then he just purrs like a he's never been happier.

In Welsh, cuddles are called cwtches.

I learned this recently from Essie, a listener who lives in Wales. She left a voice message here on the web site about how her sleep routine of cuddling with her dog and her boyfriend's childhood teddy helps her fall asleep a little more easily.

You can hear Essie's story told in her lovely Welsh accent and find out how cwtches is pronounced in the introduction to episode #128 - The Interval.

I'd love to hear your story about something you do that helps you sleep better. I may even share it in an upcoming episode. But don't worry. I'll ask first. :)

It's super easy to leave me a voice message right here. Just click on the microphone in the purple circle on the bottom right corner of this page.