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#20 - Lt. Col. Vindman’s Statement To US House Committees 10-29-19 - Bonus Episode

October 29th, 2019

As a public service, these bonus episodes will be posted as I have time to read them. Here is the opening statement made by Lt. Col. Vindman to the US House Committees during a closed-door session on 10/29/19. For those who are reassured and lulled to sleep by these, I read them as bedtime stories. It's basically an "Impeach To Sleep" mini series with important testimony that is not available as an audio file from a public hearing. They will be in addition to the regular weekly stories, so if they're not your thing, just skip 'em. ;) If you're enjoying the podcast, please leave a review where you listen. Got a request? Email it to To read the document yourself, you can download it online. Sleep well. 😴